Honorsociety.org organizes fund raising campaign; brings awareness in people to support the major activities of American Red Cross International helping disaster affected people across the world. It has also been cited in several press releases that the firm handed over a good amount to the American Red Cross Society for helping the tragedy victims. Society’s students take active part in fund raising and social activities.

The society also inspires its members in contributions to the ARC relief fund and for Doctors too. To fund Philippine Typhoon Relief Fund, it has raised and contributed its members’ contribution to The Red Cross Society and also welcomed the world wide people to participate in such programs.

Is That Helping?

While the society enables you to come forward and access a unique opportunity to aid the victims and accompany them through the internationally famed Red Cross Society, your honor society comes in the list of great donators and attains a   special esteem. This also helps you in fast recognition by your potential employers, once you put the details of your association with Honorsociety.org in your resume.

One should feel proud to be a member of such an honor society whose activities are  not benchmarked by honoring students scholarly excellence only or helping them in establishing contacts with professionals linked in its global forum, but  Honorsociety.org offers a distinct platform for all academic performers and invites them to join the society as their valued member.

A brief about the society

Honorsociety.org is a self-governing accredited honor society intended to fetch and bring the superlative class achievers as well students to join the worldwide activities. The society is under the management of a diverse array of top notch leaders from educational and scholarly areas. The community operates with all time newest approach keeping its members parallel to global developments.

With its major two offices at Farragut square in Washington DC and Henderson, Nevada; the Honorsociety.org is one of the most prestigious and fast leading honor societies in the United States. The society believes in collaboration with specialized service providers worldwide with a view to offer the best to their members.

The services of the society include sponsoring test prep sessions, occupational guidance, job listing, foreign language class sessions apart from offering scholarship, placement assistance and special discounted services towards dental health care, textbooks shopping and of course, joining and stay connected to professional network.

Get Membership

Membership is open to all undergraduates as well as graduates who are enrolled through the society’s invitations only. To maintain fineness, the board members of the society choose students based on their previous academic records, GPA, achievements and also consider referrals.

Continue Membership

Once you become the member of this society, you start enjoying a series of great benefits apart from the society’s recognition. There are numerous benefits that help you to keep your subscription active even after becoming graduated. The scholarship benefits are available for you for funding your medical session or law school.

In addition, the society encourages you to put the details of Honorsociety.org membership in your resume, which will surely uplift its worth to all prospective employers across the world.