Laser cutting is a modern-day manufacturing process that incorporates a thin, focused laser beam to pierce and cut through materials and make specifically crafted geometries and designs. Laser cutting is time efficient and cost-efficient technology that enables the manufactures to play with a variety of customized designs. Laser cutting works with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine that creates a program to guide the cutting tool over the work piece. A laser beam is generated via a resonator and reflected through mirrors to be eventually projected on the work piece through a narrow slit.

Compared to traditional counterparts, Laser Cutting offers various advantages as below –

  • Range of Material- Laser cutting is compatible with operating a wide range of industrial materials like wood, plastic, acrylic, paper. Hard metals can also be cut with some powerful laser cutting tools. It is used in rapid prototyping, creating fine architectural models and creating artwork. Unlike the older cutting methods, Laser Cutting is a comprehensive technology, suitable for operating various materials. It gives the business owner the liberty of spreading their business in a variety of sectors.
  • Time Effective– Laser cutting is quicker compared to the plasma cutting or any other cutting technology. Every business owner strives to save the primary resource, i.e. Time. With laser cutting incorporated in your firm, you can utilize the time in a most effective manner. Laser cutting process is easily controlled by computer program, which makes it very particular while saving significant amount of work.
  • Ease with cutting Complex Shapes- Any complex shapes can be cut with minimal efforts as the tools works automatically with a predefined program. The small opening of nozzle can do wonders in cutting the otherwise unreachable portions of work piece. Prototyping is an area where smaller quantities are demanded in less time. Laser cutting is best suitable for this purpose. Extremely small holes can be drilled, and micro etching is easily done with help of this technology.
  • Optimum Resources– A single machine can be utilized for over a range of operations. If the production volume is high, couple of machine can be used. Still, the expenditure in machinery is very less compared to traditional cutting machines. Moreover, laser cutting CNC cutting London works on a computer program and need of frequent human intervention is eliminated. This helps in saving manpower resources. It uses less energy compared to Press Cutters for sheet metals. It’s a win-win situation for business owners.
  • Precision and Accuracy– An extremely thin laser beam is capable of meticulous cutting and finishing of a work piece. No other cutting process can match its precision and accuracy. Several industries such as aerospace, architecture and art require exactly similar replicas of their product. Laser cutting is the best option to rely upon. Closely cut contours and extremely precise models are aesthetically appealing

To summarize, the Laser Cutting has monumental advantages over traditional methods, wherein time, cost, labor is utilized in an effective manner. Revamp your business with this booming and multipurpose manufacturing technology.