Many parents and teachers are concerned that video games are giving children negative messages, such as social isolation, violence and aggression. In reality, there are some good effects that video games can give to children. Video games are able to simulate real networking between people, in the form of MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. In this case, players are able to interact with one another. Instead of playing with virtual, soulless characters; they interact with real people through representative characters.

MMORPG is a different form of multiplayer game. Previously, multiplayer game is only related to first-person shooting games, where team members participate in a virtual combat. MMORPGs are more complex and they are based on specific RPG universes, such as WorldCraft, Final Fantasy, Star Trek and others. Lineage is a popular MMORPG from South Korea and it has millions of registered users.

When playing Lineage, we could potentially interact with more than half million people at once. In this virtual world, people could start from a thinly populated area to crowded environment. MMORPG may seem to be designed only for teenagers, but adults could find these games very captivating for them. They could be less interested with activities like dressing a character, but simulating interactions with many people are simply interesting.

Merely running around in these virtual worlds could already give us many interesting details. The object of the game is often about defeating a horde or evil power from conquering the world. In some cases, players are given the choice to join the dark side. Like in real world, these virtual universes also have many similarities, such as the use of currencies and the dynamics of the economy. After confronting several low-level monsters, players are usually able to get small loots that can help them grow their characters. To keep the game going, the biggest boss may never be completely defeated, but players are able to defeat increasingly more difficult monsters. Tasks can be more difficult to accomplish as we move to a higher experience level.

Achieving success in the MMORPG worlds are impossible without interactions with real people. Friend lists are important part of these games and it is encouraged to grow it. As an example, we can invite friends to defeat a strong monster and if it is defeated, the loot will be shared. Choosing proper team member is necessary, because we could just recruit low-level players. In order to ensure the success of the mission or the survival of the whole party, it is often necessary to reject some people. In this case, MMORPG teaches us about proper team management.

In the midst of battle, players need to rely with one another. Some hard-hitting players could be placed on the front to deal real damages to the monster, some mages and archers will be on the back to dish out additional damages, while a healer could be present to rescue critically wounded players. MMORPG should provide us with ways to improve cooperation.