When talking about making thousands of designs in a single plan with a precise measurement, CNC machines are the best alternative. These machines use an intelligent processor to produce a single design for as many times as you want with great precision.

CNC machines have revolutionized production and now, they are experiencing a revolution in themselves. The rapid prototyping mechanism is a revolution that can change the way people used to look at CNC machines.

How CNC Machines Work?

CNC machines use an intelligent computer operated mechanism to operate several cutting and shaping processes using tools like lathes and mills. The whole system is in control of a sophisticated CAM (Computer assisted machine) and all the manual operations are replaced by computer operated machines.

With no human involvement, these machines can work for hours without a rest at their maximum production capability. The only human intervention in these machines is to load the raw material and to unload the produced items.

What are the Advantages of CNC Machine?

There are three major advantages of CNC machines. These are

  • Precision
  • Repeatability
  • Speed

How will Rapid Prototyping Revolutionize the CNC Machines?

The CNC machines are used for large scale production of a single design, the advantages of CNC machines are not exploited for small scale production. Rapid prototyping mechanism is enabling the companies to use CNC machines for small scale production. Here are the four major advantages of CNC machines for small scale production.

  • Market testing prototypes using low cost tooling
  • Bridge Tooling
  • Possibility of production in Low Volumes
  • Real Prototypes in Actual Material using Actual production process.

The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping?

There was a major challenge in front of the industry that the prototypes, which were developed before actual production, were produced in a completely different way than the original plan. On multiple occasions, the actual production was much better or inferior to the prototype because of the change of material and the manufacturing process.

To answer this challenge, Rapid Prototyping evolved. Now using this technique, the manufacturers can not only prepare the prototypes with the same material, but they can also start the production in small quantities using the same methodology used to prepare the prototypes.

What Are the Benefits for Small Scale Production?

The small scale production was not possible on CNC machines before the evolution of the Rapid Prototyping technology. The technology has made it possible for the manufacturers to produce small quantities of goods using the high technology automated CNC production process. Along with the process come these three major benefits.


The high speed of CNC machines will revolutionize small scale production, as it will be much faster without the human intervention. The CNC machines are set to another revolution.


If there is an imperfection in the model, then the rapid prototyping offers you an ability to make changes to it at any stage.


Now, using rapid prototyping, the small scale production will get the benefits of high precision CNC machines.

These are the benefits of rapid prototyping. If you are looking for prototyping companies to partner up for production, then you should look for companies that offer rapid prototyping option.