Storage and transport are major aspects of the agricultural industry. Beyond planting and harvesting, the crops need to be properly stored and warehoused until they reach the ultimate destination for distribution. Discover how choosing secure agricultural packaging can boost the bottom line for your farm business.

How Secure Agricultural Packaging Can Boost The Bottom Line

The Benefits of Bulk Bags

Bulk bags are also called flexible intermediate bulk containers. They can hold up to thousands of pounds of dry, flowing goods such as rice, beans, fertilizer and others. These containers weigh just a few pounds when they are empty, which adds little to the load being transported. Plus, can can be folded and reused, taking up minimal space between harvests. Bulk bags can be made from durable materials such as woven polypropylene. This makes them resistant to weather, humidity, and pests that can destroy the contents. As a result, there are fewer losses in transit. More product means greater profits for your agricultural business.

Customized Bulk Bags

Bulk bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes for all types of storage needs. They can also be customized to meet the customer’s specialized requirements. Plus, bulk bags can be printed to display the contents. This helps keep the storage and transportation process more organized to reduce losses and errors. A company’s name and logo can also be displayed on printed bulk bags to brand the business and let recipients know more about the contents within the bags. Customization is simple and is another way to help boost the bottom line by having the exact packaging your company needs.

Secure Plastic Strapping

Plastic strapping keeps bale and other groups of material securely fastened together. These tough straps can hold a great deal of merchandise so it doesn’t fly away or get lost during the transportation process. Plus, these piles can be moved with ease so nothing gets compromised during storage. Plastic strapping is strong and can stand up to moving, storing, and flexible merchandise. Reducing your losses is one of the cheapest, smartest ways to enhance your profits.

For over a century, flexible intermediate bulk container and accessories have continued to be the most popular way to transport agricultural goods. This simple, affordable packaging methods continues to be  the best way to transport dry goods. From basic bulk bags to customized super sacks and plastic strapping, these products can keep your shipments secure until you can earn a profit from them.