There are a bunch of crazy notions circulating around out there, about how selling your car by yourself is a major pain, and how it’s difficult or impossible to find enough people who are wanting to buy cars at all. While there’s no outright evidence of where this erroneous pattern of thinking originated, the chances are good that it had something to do with people in the employ of automobile dealerships. Obviously, it’s not working as well as it might have been intended, as the online classified ads are chock-full of all kinds of used cars for sale by owner, and the prices that owners are selling them for are considerably higher than they would receive from a dealer via a trade-in.

Why Dealerships Want Your Trade-in

The dealerships want to do everything they can to entice car buyers to simply trade in their current cars, as a part of the transaction of selling you your next car. They are not actually “out” this money, as it is factored into the selling price of their stock vehicles, and most of the issues you may be currently dealing with regarding the performance of your current car are things that are inexpensive fixes for a dealership. They have house mechanics, all the tools, connections and resources for parts at their disposal. Another reason that dealerships love your trade-in is because they make such a significant percent of their profit from used car sales. This is not something the general public is aware of, but it’s true, nonetheless. While car dealerships are out to sell their own particular lines of automobiles, the way they conduct trade-ins, they can more or less count the sales of trade-ins as all profit.

Become Proactive

Unless you are in some kind of predicament where you need to have the cash immediately and a new car even sooner, you owe it to yourself to give listing your car via the online classifieds a go. The online classifieds are always streaming with visitors, and if your car is priced right, and you make sure it’s clean looking, both on the exterior and interior, the chances are in your favor that you will net a quick sale. Then, with cash in your pocket, you may just decide to look for a car to purchase by conducting your own car shopping search from within those same online classified ads, choosing to forego the whole dealership route altogether.