Schools teach little or nothing about money, investments and wealth. The school system focuses on teaching us how to study hard to secure employment and well paid, then “retire”. This formula was for many decades a success for everyone who occupied it, but today is not a good idea to settle for mere academic preparation. It is time to learn how to generate wealth in our communities, by creating businesses that provide jobs. And this process should start at an early age. It is the obligation of us as parents take care of our financial education and the education of our children.

We do not want to confuse financial education with a military regime. And it this way for many parents the financial literacy of their children taken too seriously, as if they were old young to understand the complex theories involving the establishment of a large corporation. All you get from this process is that it is a torment for children.

How To Awaken The Financial Genius Of Our Children

It is a very big challenge for parents to educate their children financially. That is why today I will propose 4 activities that awaken naturally and fun the financial genius of your little ones. After all, they are just children and at that age a child what he enjoys most is to have fun and have fun.

Games and applications. Studies show that humans learn actively through simulation. It is through games that our children learn and retain what they learned. Program once a week a session of financial games. The child will learn through practice. Remember to make these sessions a pleasant and fun process.

The three piggy banks. Prepares together with your children three piggy banks, the goal is to teach your children the importance of paid themselves first and of course give to others. The first of the piggy is directed to charity, the fundamental principle of all wealth is to give to receive. The second piggy bank is for Investment, think of some simple and fun business in which they can put that money to work for your child. Finally the third piggy will be occupied as a savings account, the money remains that it is used in case of any contingency or emergency. The main objective of this activity is to generate healthy financial habits in our children.

Books, movies and audios. It may sound a bit advanced the fact your children start in the business world, financial books or listen to some audio, but there is material that can be adapted perfectly to younger ages. Schedule one day a week to watch movies, remember not to weary the learning process, make film evening a fun experience. It included at the end of the readings and films feedback. Apply questions, like what did you learn?, what did you think?, what did you feel? Keep track of the responses being obtained in the process.

Build small assets. Undertake something simple and fun as rent a bike, rent comic, little shop of sweets, cupcakes or cookies or classic business selling lemonade stand, car wash, mowing the lawn, walking pets, etc., there are endless business adapted for our children begin to generate profits.

Do not forget to make these 4 steps process. Learning and growth of our children are given time. This is a great way to start your way to the world that awaits them, a world where financial education is as important as academic education.