There was a time when people used to have a large, separate place in the home for arranging a banquet, throwing a party, or just have meals with family. Time has changed, and dining rooms these days are nothing more than a corner in the kitchen or living area. The room has shredded its extravagance and flowery aesthetics but has become simpler with rustic and natural decorating choices so that family and friends can spend some quality time. Let’s take a look how to bring the intimate farmhouse style into your modern dining room.


How To Bring The Farmhouse Style Into A Modern Dining Room


Nothing can bring the rustic charm of the farmhouse style than wooden furniture and fixtures. The warm color of wood makes a place inviting and welcoming. Besides, you can use your favorite painting colors on them to inject your personality into the room.


Thick wooden beams in the ceiling, wooden dining table with a weathered finish, chairs clad in plaid, armoire, and other furniture pieces can bring an instant rustic charm.


How To Bring The Farmhouse Style Into A Modern Dining Room


Not only the wooden furniture but the right décor scheme is necessary to give the place a timeless appeal. The decoration should be unassuming and modest, just what you expect to see in a small country kitchen. Vases bought from a thrift store, wall art depicting a landscape or rural life, an antique chandelier, and warm, earthen color palette will accentuate the farmhouse-centric theme of the room.


If you want to include a bit of modern vibe, replace some old features with modern furniture pieces, drapes, and rugs.



Wainscoting panels design can be an excellent way to bring the charm of country style into the place. It will give the dining room a classic touch; you can further complement the look with plaid curtains and area rug, wall arts, and antique furniture pieces.


Most people love to paint the wainscoting fixture in crisp white to emphasize the farmhouse vibe. However, you can paint it with any neutral or light colors unless it’s too contrasting to the overall color palette.



Farmhouse style is more versatile than you think. You just may not want to sweep the dining corner of your open plan living area with country decoration because it will disrupt the visual appeal of the entire place.


Well, you don’t need to worry! The style will easily blend in if you want to add just hints of rustic décor into your modern dining room. Wainscoting fixture on the walls in crisp white color, rustic hanging pendants, antique candle stands, and a beautiful painting on the wall will bring subtle hints of that particular style. You can also replace some dining chairs with a wooden bench. It will increase the seating space and users in rustic appeal.



If you don’t have the budget to do an overall makeover or just don’t want to clutter the place with too many accessories, use a large, oversized fixture to bring the style. It will also make a statement and draw the eyes of guests.


It can be an oversized country-style chandelier, a large live-edge wooden table, or the whitewashed cabinets. Whatever it is, its size and weathered look will surely catch attention. You can complement with a couple of repurposed décor items to add an extra layer of visual warmth. However, be careful not to choose anything extravagant because farmhouse style is all about simplicity. So, keeping everything simple and to the minimal level is the key here.


A farmhouse style is mostly about incorporating earthly tones and natural accents into a place and avoiding gorgeous accent pieces and lavish fixtures. However, you can use no-frills antique accessories, wooden furniture pieces, artwork on the walls, plaid fabrics, rugs, etc. to bring the rustic charm into your modern dining room. These ideas will give you inspirations and clues about what to include and what to avoid to get the perfect look.