The advertising industry in Australia is not new and the competition in its job market is obviously intense. Almost anyone who has the passion for marketing can become an advertising professional as you don’t necessarily need a diploma or training certificate to jumpstart your career. However, in order for you to be noticed by larger companies, you must have ample experience and overflowing passion for marketing.

Since almost anybody who has experience in marketing and has good passion for it can find a lucrative career in the industry, you should know that the competition in the job market is fierce. In a nutshell, established marketing agencies only accept candidates who can jump off the page or those who can share something new to the business. Needless to say, if you have average CV, you may find it difficult to get a job in the best marketing agencies.

If you have extensive experience in advertising and marketing, outstanding passion for marketing, and can-do attitude but you simply cannot make the cut, then you should use your most powerful tool – marketing yourself online. Since you are passionate about online marketing, use that passion to sell and market your skills and experience in the job market. Makes sense isn’t it? There are many ways to market yourself online, and one of the best platforms is no less than LinkedIn.

While LinkedIn is not as interactive and progressive as other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it can definitely help you boost your employability in the advertising world. Advertising agencies look at the LinkedIn profiles of candidates to know whether or not they can become good assets for the company.

Take a moment to look at your LinkedIn profile. If you are on the employer’s shoes, will you hire yourself? If not, then it is time to do a LinkedIn profile make-over.

  • You don’t want to post a display photo with poor quality or a very informal one. While the marketing industry is quite laid-back, you still want to look professional in your profile in order to convey the right message to employers. Choose a photo where you look pleasant and appealing, something that will attract employers.
  • Headline is the description you see below your name on your profile. You would want to display a specific job position or specialty on that portion in order to make your profile more interesting. Instead of putting general job position like “Associate” or “Team Lead” you may want to place “Experienced Social Media Manager” or “Marketing Consultant” or “Exhibition Stand Design Expert”. This will allow employers to see your profile in a different perspective.
  • One of the most common mistakes people do in their LinkedIn profiles is that they fail to pay extra attention to the Experience portion. Some do not specify their job duties and responsibilities, projects accomplished and led, and dates of employments. You would want to be clear and concise as far as your professional experience is concerned in order to attract employers. For example, if you have experiencing in exhibition stand design, make sure to include it. Keep in mind that employers want to know more about you so you better give them more information about your professional experience.
  • On your LinkedIn profile you will see Summary portion where you can post some bits of information about yourself. Make sure to come up with a catchy and concise summary so as to get the attention of your profile-viewers. The three questions that should be answered in your summary are: what do you do, where are you coming from, and your career goals.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your online CV and portfolio. If your profile has interesting content, you are likely to catch the attention of head-hunters and HR people of larger advertising companies in Sydney.