It is a desire of every human being to call some place their home. A home that they own. All of us want to own a home. With the amount of savings people generally have, it becomes next to impossible to gather the entire lump sum amount through it. Thus we seek a Home Loan. There are various banks and Non-Banking Financial institutions which are coming up with favorable Home Loan Offers. There is a serious competition among the Home Loan providers to provide the borrowers with the best service when it comes to catering to the Housing Market.

There are important steps that need to be considered before selecting one of the Home Loan offers. And various Home Loan providers will try and tempt you with their service. But there are the 5 new rules that you need to consider, which will help you get your dream house and make it realistically achievable. What are these steps which can help you make or break offer?

How To Buy A House: The 5 New Rules That Can Make or Break Your Offer

Research & prepare for the house hunt: The process of owning a home is a long one. It can take nearly three to six months for you to decide which home fits your need. In a tight market filled with stiff competition, it’s hard to find a house of your dreams thus one is required to work hard for it. Research the entire housing market in which you are interested and stay up-to-date about the properties.

Be ready with the finance: Before you go shopping for a house it is essential that you have a financial backup. It is more likely that you are going to opt for a Home Loan thus you should be sure about securing the finance first. If you are requiring a mortgage to buy a home then the pre-approved Home Loan is essential.

Place the right offer: It is pretty essential that you don’t lowball your offer. Understand the existing rates in the market. Consult your agent and ask him about the details. The tenure for which the house has been on a sale makes a major difference in perception. If a house has been on a list for more than a month or two and is still unsold it means that it is overpriced. Be realistic and smart.

Lower the contingencies:  A lender when disbursing you the money includes an appraisal. They want to be sure about the condition of the home before providing the lump sum amount. Sellers don’t like contingencies as they include a lot of ‘what ifs’. In order to save the deal, it’s essential that you bring these down. Although contingencies safeguard the interest of the buyer and lender, too many of them might push the seller away.

Move pretty quickly: You have to be alert about the upcoming properties. Stay vigilant and move quickly. It might be the case that a property has been listed on Friday and by Monday it’s no longer there. Surprisingly the home that has been sold could have been your dream one. Thus decisions must be taken quickly and you should be always ready to view the property, talk to your agent about it and give in your best offer.

These are some essential rules which will help you get your dream home. Once you have selected the house there are various Home Loan Offers that you can look forward to. In some cases pre-determination of Home Loan Providers is essential as in the case of a mortgage, Home Loan Prepayment is essential.