Like other horse breeds, Arabian horses also require bridles, saddles, and stable halters, along with other equipment. However, the only difference is that Arabian horses need a somewhat different size from other breeds of horse.

How To Choose The Proper Outfit and Equipment For Your Arabian Horse

Choosing the Right Bridle for Your Arabian Horse

If you have recently purchased an Arabian horse and are in the process of outfitting it, one of the foremost pieces of equipment you should purchase is a bridle. When it comes to Arabian horses, it is better to opt for a western bridle since they have a smaller design for the brow and cheeks. For best results, choose an English bridle with a cob size, which is the smallest bridle size commercially-manufactured for horses. It would also be better to have a custom-made breast collar for your Arabian horse as they have a better fit than those which are designed for larger breeds like the quarter horse.

Choosing the Right Bit for Your Arabian Horse

When it comes to bits, your Arabian horse would need something a bit smaller than the standard design as well. This is because they have a more refined, compact head, along with a smaller muzzle. The best size for an Arabian horse is 4¾ inches. Look closely at your Arabian horse and assess its jaw and muzzle. If you have an Arabian horse with a smaller jaw, you may need to buy a bit size of around four and a half. If, on the other hand, your Arabian horse has a wider jaw or mouth, a standard bit size of around 5 inches may do.

Choosing the Right Track for Your Arabian Horse

Choosing tack for your Arabian horse takes special consideration as well. For this, you can easily find tack which has been designed specifically for the Arabian horse. In some cases, however, standard-sized equipment may be enough. For example, most Arabian horses will fit into pads and saddle blankets that are sized 30×30 inches. But if you can find a pad that is 29 inches, this may be a better fit.

Choosing the Right Saddle Tree for Your Arabian Horse

Arabian horses have the distinction of being quite wide or round in their barrel, which contributes to their excellent stamina and lung capacity. But because of this, they also require special saddle trees, which tend to be wider than a typical saddle tree used by other horse breeds.

Choosing the Right Saddle Skirt for Your Arabian Horse

The horse’s saddle skirt plays an important role as well. Since Arabian horses are known for having short backs compared to other horses, they would need a saddle skirt that is not over 27 inches when measured down the back of the horse. With a short saddle skirt, you can avoid chafing when the hind legs of the Arabian horse move. When it comes to the saddle, you can choose from a wide selection of English saddles based on your chosen riding style. Many riders choose dressage or all-purpose saddles for informal riding. If you are planning to use your Arabian horse for endurance rides, you can also opt for a saddle made from more lightweight material.

Whilst it’s true that choosing the right equipment for your Arabian horse takes great care and knowledge, it is also true that when you do find the right outfit for them, the rewards are great. For those who are still in the process of looking for the right Arabian horse, you can always browse through the available horses for sale through horse agents and specialists such as