Are you tired of the traditional motorcycle? Do you want a ride that stands on its own with three wheels, is comfortable and looks sleek and expensive? The Spyder Motorcycle is perfect for you! Can-am has released several different models of the Spyder, which can make it tough to choose just one. Read on to learn more about the distinctive options.

Sport Spyders:

Both of the Spyder RS models are made to perform well and are very sporty. The Spyder RS-S starts at $18,099 while the Spyder RS starts at $14,888. The Spyder RS comes in two colors and has a ton of great features. With semi-automatic transmission, you are truly in control of the vehicle. Plus the high-performance brakes ensure exceptional stopping power. The Spyder RS-S, on the other hand, comes in three different color options that are very appealing. The higher price is a result of numerous extra features including cruise control, a front spoiler and a vehicle stability system. Plus, the Spyder RS-S is much more comfortable as the seats are made with top quality materials.

Sport-Touring Spyders:

These Spyders are designed for trips on the open road, but are still considered sport vehicles. With three different options in this category, you will surely find a ride that suits your needs. The Spyder ST comes in two color options, but it is the cheapest of the sport-touring spyders at a starting price of $18,999. The Spyder ST-S starts at $20,349 and comes in a wide range of colors. Some of its features include electronic cruise control and a front spoiler. The Spyder ST Limited starts at $24,849 but has the most features by far. The ST Limited is equipped with heated handgrips, electronic cruise control, an AM/FM audio system with iPod cable, a GPS, 12-V power outlet and embroidered seats.

Touring Spyders:

The three models of touring spyders are made to give you comfort and convenience on long trips. The Spyder RT model starts at $22,999 and is designed with the passenger in mind. It also has an Eco Mode that reduces the amount of fuel you use on trips. You can get up to 202 miles on one tank if you ride at 75 mph. The Spyder RT-S starts at $26,449 and comes in four different color options including Timeless Black, Pearl White, Circuit Yellow Metallic and Cognac. The RT-S includes all of the features of the RT in addition to a few extra. For example, the passenger has an adjustable footrest, audio control and a backrest. The two-tone seat option allows you to truly customize your ride. The final touring option is the Spyder RT Limited. It is the most expensive of all of the Spyder motorcycles. The starting price is $30,499. However, the features of the vehicle make it well worth the cost. The Spyder RT Limited is the perfect combination of convenience and luxury. As far as convenience, the RT Limited has 41 gallons of storage space, a GPS, Eco Mode and even front cargo rolling travel bag. It comes in a variety of deep colors like burgundy or dark chocolate, which gives it a luxurious feel. You can also customize the color of the seat.

If you want to try out a Spyder Motorcycle, visit the Can-am website to find a trial location near you.

Written by Carey Wooldrige, owner and operator of Yacht Club Powersports. Located in Osage Beach, MO, Yacht Club is one of the top SeaDoo Dealers in the state, and the largest volume dealer in the world.