Starting a business is no mean feat. A lot of people have dreams of running their business one day,but a lot seems to get in the way. One of those things is coming up with a name for a business. Given all the registered business available, it can be quite an intimidating task. Think about it, how many names of companiesthere are covering each industry. It is hardly surprising that an HST Tax Lawyer, a specialized field, would find that they have a similar name with a baker a few lines up the phone book.

It is for this reason that some companies came about that specializes in naming new business or rebranding old ones. However, not everyone has that budget so here are some items of a factor in when naming your business. Before getting into that, keep in mind that the name you come up with could mean a famous brand and attract potential customers because of it, or it could mean someone scrolling on to other names that are appealing. Simply put, there is power in a name.

Foreign names

Whether it is something in a foreign language or mythology, here is an ideal place to look for unique yet memorable names. You can consider looking up Greek or Roman names, or even something from a native language that you picked up during one of your travels. Remember to get an easy to pronounce the word and remember to get a word that holds meaning to what you are doing. Therefore, it is advisable that you find words that describe your business and work your way in finding a world that holds true to your trade.

Combined names or acronyms

Continuing from the previous thought, you can combine the names of two words that hold true to your product or service. Whatever you settle for, you can mix them to come up with a word that rolls of the tongue and somewhat sounds like an actual word. In the same way, you can come up with acronyms as with the HTS lawyer example. Use the first words of the whole business to come up with a name.

Your name or someone else’s

Finally, an often overlooked idea is to use your name. You would be surprised how many well-known brands use their names and are now an empire to recon with. Thatis however based on your name; it is likely to work best if there are fewer people in the phonebook with your name. Another idea is to look at a dictionary or a map to find unique names of people, places or things.