Like a fine wine, creating great content requires time. You can’t rush quality, but there are a few things you can do to increase your output. Here are some tips for creating content quicker without sacrificing quality.

Create Your Content In Discrete Steps

There are four steps to writing great content; research, writing, editing, and images. Make sure that you batch each activity into its own operation.The first step in any content creation activity is research. During the research phase, you’re going to focus on gathering up all the relevant information that you’re going to use for your article.

The next step is to take all that research, and create a written piece. During your writing face do not be tempted to add images or edit for spelling and grammar. Just focus on getting your words onto the screen.

When you finished writing your post, then it’s time for editing. During the editing face you’re just making sure that you have no spelling or grammatical errors and that the structure of your composition makes sense. You may take away points that you feel are redundant or add additional items of clarification.

The last step is to add one or more images to your post. This is the point where you become concerned with technical details such as resolution, image size and SEO optimization.

Use Tools To Help You Accomplish More

Evernote is one of many helpful tools on this list, “24 Tools To Simplify Your Life,” that you can use to get more done. This app is great for taking notes and screenshots. You can tag each note so that they can be associated with specific posts.

A real time-save is to conduct research while you’re surfing the web in the course of a normal day. For example, while searching for articles to share via social media, you can also be on the lookout for topics that would make for great posts on your blog. Share what you find and save it for later when you’re at the writing stage.

Learn To Type Faster

Aim for a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute. The faster you can type, the more words you can get on the page and the quicker your post will be ready. has some excellent lessons, test and games to help you get up to speed. Granted, learning to type is not the funnest thing, but the payoff is enormous. For most people, the keyboard remains the primary method of interaction with their computer.

Repurpose Your Content

Research and writing require a significant investment of resources, mainly your time. However you can leverage that investment by repurposing your content for another platform. For example, you could take your post and turn it into a slide presentation. Or perhaps you could use it as material for a podcast or YouTube video. Not only will this increase your content output, it will expose you to an additional audience.

Creating quality content should always be your primary concern. But take advantage of tools and change your workflow to see if that increases your output. Keep making small tweaks to your content production process until it becomes a fine tuned machine.