Almost all of us have work in the workplace in some form or shape. In general employment could give us a purpose and the income could help us enjoy things in life. In fact, many people spend more of their time during workdays with their colleagues and managers then their family. Naturally, such a relationship can be considered as somewhat abnormal, but there are things we could do to make our lives more comfortable. This is especially true if we face constant negativity from our bosses. They are the very person who can change many things and they could also decide whether we should proceed well in our career.

Many of us are trapped in this kind of situation and we should look for answers to and advices to deal with this situation. Often we have been working with our bosses for years quite comfortably. However, we often seek better opportunities at other departments or companies. Long story short, we are finally awarded this kind of position and it looks like something fantastic. However, we may eventually left and never look back, because of one single reason: A difficult boss.

In their passive-aggressive ways, difficult bosses could but heads with us when we try to work as usual. They often ask us to do the very exact things they have decided, despite our suggestions and alternative methods. In this situation, we may actually become more like an administrative helper, instead of someone who can provide an opinions and alternative approaches.

Our boss may know full well that we have knowledge in specific area, although being a new employee, we need some adjustments. As new employees, we may have browsed the Internet and read all the literature to research a specific topic. At our delight, most of our colleagues love our works. Regardless of these positive feedbacks, our bosses could have a different opinion and they may think that we need to specific things to complete the task. This could absolutely nullify our work results and in this situation, it is important to admit that we could have a problem.

We could jump to the conclusion that we need to endure the situation, but we may also need to be realistic. Our gut feeling is often correct in finding out if something wrong is up. However, we could be in denial and we insist on doing the best things we can, because we are new employees. However, there’s such thing as being “too dedicated” and we could actually sacrifice ourselves for little results.

In order to become more realistic, we should compare our current workplace relationships to relationships in previous workplaces. We should work out the differences and find out whether there are more challenges we need to deal with to accomplish the same task. We may also ask family and friends for their devices. In fact, the simple act of venting our frustration by telling our stories to trusted people could end up causing us to stumble unexpectedly across a great answer.

This could also be a good opportunity for self-discovery. We could just sit by ourselves in a quiet place and think deeply about this situation. We could speak out loud about our concerns and write everything down, so may eventually find a solution. Often, we could be really surprised at how much we hide things from ourselves after we remove the usual barriers of pride and denial. It takes time to perform a self-reflect and we should do it carefully.