In case you are moving to the United Arab Emirates for your higher education, you shall need to get your educational documents attested for getting your visa. Attestation is just the verification of all your personal and educational documents by the concerned authority in order to prove the authentication of your documents and they verify it with an official signature and stamp on the photocopy of your document. For going to the UAE, you would need to have the authentication of all your educational as well as personal documents.

Educational documents are mainly your degree and diploma certificates. Your school certificates, matriculation and secondary certificates are also your educational documents. All these need to get attested by the authority. Generally, the process of getting your educational documents is done in three phases:

  1. HRD Attestation: This is the attestation by your home department. The Education Department of the State where you reside will be doing this attestation. You will have to provide all the original certificates and photocopies of the same as well. After checking all your documents, they shall attest those. Here, you have to do all the works by yourself. You cannot take them help of any third party to do this work for you. The contents of all the specified educational certificates are verified in this process.
  2. Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs: The MEA then sings all your documents. Here both your educational as well as personal documents are required. This is rather a very swift and quick process but here you should remember that your documents would not be attested unless you have them verified by the HRD.
  3. UAE Embassy Attestation: Finally, since UAE is not the participant of the Hague convention of 1961, you would not require any Apostille attestation which is required but the countries who had participated in the Hague Convention. You can just get these done through many attestation services which have been quite many in number in India. UAE Embassy Attestation is not a matter of much time. However, it is always better if you start early without keeping it for the last moment. Thus, You would need legalization of your documents for going to the United Arab Emirates and not any Apostille.

These are all you needed to know about certificate attestation for going to UAE. This process is to be followed step by step and make sure that once does not proceed the other. All you have to do is to take your documents and make the necessary photocopies and then apply to the concerned departments. In order to ease your work, the attestation services are there to help you and they take the minimum time and charges to get your work. Verify once whether these agencies are properly registered. It is even better if you get the feedback of the customers who had sued their service before. Once verified, just lay rest assured of getting things done on time.

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