While writing papers come naturally for most students, there some who often face a pretty hard time to write. As a college student, you are supposed to have familiarized yourself with different writing techniques and should be able to write a reasonable and error-free paper. It becomes even simpler when you know where and how to begin writing your papers.

Here is a simple guideline to help you perfect your art of writing;

Know your topic

In any form of academic writing, you need to know the topic that you will be writing about before commencing on the process ofwriting. So ensure that you research your topic first whether it is online, consulting with someone who is more knowledgeable on the subject or utilizing other resources like researching from books.

Often you will be assigned totopics that you have no idea about or thatyou have no interest in, regardless, you need to develop a clear understanding of the topic give before you commence on the actual writing process. This way, it will become easier for you to brainstorm ideas and be able to put them down on paper.

Create an outline

In most of our articles, we encourage students to develop plans for their writing projects before they start to write. An outline, in this case, is a plan for your write up that includes the structure, ideas, thoughts and their form of presentation.

Creating an outline for your paper will speed up the actual writing process as well as enable you to develop ideas in a clear and logical direction. An outline will also provide you with a good idea of where you are going from paragraph to paragraph. Furthermore, it is easier to expand off of a short amount of information pulled out from the research you found beforehand.

Therefore, create a clear outline ofthe main points highlighted in brief sentences. It should also contain vocabularies/jargons that you intend to use in the paper. These vocabularies must relate to thetopic and shouldn’t sound too complicated to the reader. Importantly, your outline should also include transition phrases that you will use to develop one idea to the next.

Try using quotes

It is true that the traditional way of writing tends to be difficult for most students.But this is only because students tend to stick to certain regulations that although are mandatory to be followed they can also be tweaked to make the writing process simpler and fun while at the same time still being acceptable in academic writing.

Going out and finding quotes about your topic will make it easier for you when you startwriting your term or research papers. It is easy to find a quote and use a paragraph to expand on the quote and connect it to your topic. Quotes aren’t only perfect for backing up your idea, but it is an excellent way toshow that you did your research and that you understand the topic/question.