Once we begin a conversation with customers or prospective associates, we may need to do many things. We could watch an introduction DVD, show some sample products, show the website and give a full presentation about the product. Marketers may find that prospective customers don’t always try products or review materials. They may also be somewhat reluctant to show up for events.

But once, someone is engaged, it is important to monitor him/her diligently. It is our responsibility to help consumers move forward and try our products. Marketers should also help people to do something that’s in their best interest. Obviously, things may not go as well as we have hoped, but we should be aware that any business could have a slow start.

People should really see the specific and personal benefits of using our products or joining our organizations. We should reduce resistance and create interest among them. It is important to take things step by step to increase the possibility that we could always stay connected with our potential customers.

Prospective customers could eventually ask to perform a review of our product and this should be a good step. During the review process, we should be ready to ask their questions and we could say things that can genuinely encourage them. We could use videos or images to paint proper mental images when we speak with them.We should

When we have communicated with prospective customers, it is important to know whether he/she is open to the possibility of attending an event related to the products. If potential customers agree, we should also ask whether they will agree to invite their friends with them. We should always tell them that we are really excited to put our expertise and knowledge to work with them.

We should use our imagination to assist people, so they can be very successful in using our products. We need to enter their circles of influence, so we could expand our network. We should help customers visualize effectively in being successful with our products. This kind of sequence should be fairly predictable, regardless of the variations.

As an example, what begins as a standard conversation could eventually evolve into something that marketers are really seeking. However, the opposite could happen. The key is by trying to be flexible and listening to what people really want. If a customer tell us he or she is not yet interested in taking our nutritional products, then we should ask what we should do take them interested. They could have no interest, because they don’t understand all the benefits.

In this situation, we could always try to convert customers slowly. However, it is not recommended to be forceful when there’s too much resistance. New marketers who repeatedly try to convert people could actually cause potential customers to despise our products. This would lead to failures and other unpleasant results. Marketing is also about common sense and we should be respectful to what others are saying.