Mattress sales men get a bad reputation for being devious and money hungry but this is far from the truth. Although a few errant salesmen are willing to go to any length to secure a hefty commission, a vast majority of them take pride in their work and actually want to see you select the best choice. Approaching a mattress salesman with the right attitude and focused attention allows him to establish your needs and does his part to help you ultimately make the right choice. There are a few tips you should employ to assist you in the selection and buying process.

Do Background Work

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices and activity in a mattress store especially if there is a great sale going on. The salesmen are also likely distracted and can’t dedicate enough time and offer enough information to empower you. Start by visiting the mattress store website to view the selection before physically going in to the store. You may check St George so you are familiar with the selection and possibly even narrow down the options to a few possible ones.

Try Out the Mattresses

Once you have a few options in mind, try them out to see what they feel like. Unless otherwise instructed (which is unlikely) you should be able to sleep on the mattress, maybe even roll around a little. Do whatever it takes to get a sense of what the bed would feel like in your own home. Politely decline any help from a salesman or representative until you have tried out the options you had your eyes on.

Ask the Right Questions

The best way to get a good answer is to ask a good question. Simply telling the salesman you are looking for a new mattress doesn’t really give him much to work with. Ask pointed questions such as which mattress he sleeps on.

You may also point out your sleeping needs such as your preferences for a firm or soft mattress. Let him know about any sleep issues you might be having. The more information you provide the salesman, the more he is able to narrow down the options for you.

Close on a High Note

Once you have selected the best option and settled on the price, there are two things you need to do before walking out of the store. The first is to find out about the return policy in the unlikely event that the mattress doesn’t meet your expectations. Lastly, ask about care tips to get the maximum life and comfort from your new purchase.

Mattress salesmen are actually there to help you make the best possible decision. Follow these tips and you should walk away with a mattress that will serve you well for many years to come.