Installing CCTV cameras at your home is one of the ways to keep your family safe and secure. However, with various types of security cameras available in the market today, you need to pick one that meets all your requirements.

Apart from choosing a good camera, it is also important to pay attention to CCTV installation. This simply means that you should get those cameras installed at your home in such a way that there are no chances of intruders entering your place. This guide will tell you ways in which you can install CCTV cameras effectively.

How to Install CCTV Cameras Effectively?

  • Installing At The Entrances

Back and front door of your house are the key entry points and henceforth need to be kept secured primarily. You should install CCTV system in such a way that it directly covers the front and back of your home, so that there is a clear vision of everyone coming in and going out.

Ensure that you place it as high as possible, which ensures that it is out of anyone’s reach. If placing the camera high is not possible, you can even cover up the camera with a thin mesh of wire, so that burglars can’t reach it.

  • Installing At The Garage

Garage door is highly prone to entry by intruders and burglars. Some people place their high priced sports material in garage making it susceptible to theft. Therefore, it’s particularly important to lock your garage after parking the vehicle, and further ensure that you are using a high quality lock. This is important because burglars and thieves are proficient in unlocking equipment and to get unlawful entry.

If you park the vehicle in a driveway, ensure that you put a lock on that as well. However, in case you still have the risk of thievery, it is better to install a security camera in your garage’s doorway.

  • Placing At Rear Windows

Thieves can get a convenient entry to your residence from open or unlocked windows which are placed at the ground level. Rear windows of your residence usually go unsupervised and thereby make it easier for burglars to gain entry through it.

It makes a good sense to install Hikvision CCTV Dubai cameras facing your home’s rear and other windows such that thieves can’t enter your home in any way. However, placing cameras doesn’t mean that you’ll not consider taking precautions from your end. Ensure that you keep windows shut and locked. Also, whenever you leave from your residence, check the locks carefully.

  • Putting Camera At The Backyard

It is recommended to place a CCTV security camera in your house’s backyard for a clear view of it. Your backyard is an attractive entry place for thieves looking to get into your home, particularly in the dark. For this, you can use an affordable camera having night vision feature.


Hope this guide will help you in installing camera in the best way.