Warehouse is the place where business people can safe their stock. It is most important to keep the warehouse very safety and clean. Business people are storing there worthy materials in the warehouse. People who own a warehouse they have more responsibility to keep the warehouse safe and security. The first thing they need to check that there is light fitted in all areas of the warehouse because employees who are working in the warehouse need to see all the places in the warehouse otherwise they cannot work in that place. Employees who are work in dim light or dark area there is chance for accident. So it is good to maintain the perfect light in all the place of the warehouse. There may be some place are not to be safe in the warehouse the owner need to mark a sign in the danger place to avoid the employees to enter such a dangerous place. They can paint or stick a tape in the dangerous place.

In some warehouse employees need to do equipment work. People who are handling the specific equipment need to know how to handle the equipment and they will take the employee who have certificate to handle the specific equipment. People who do not have much knowledge in equipment handling may cause danger and damage for the place. Emergency situation may take place at any time if they trained their employee how to behave on emergence time it is good for them to do the safety work. It is most significant for employee to know what to do if any other co worker is hurt by the equipment or if there is an equipment malfunction or fire or some other problem.

It is most important to check all the equipment if there is any detect in the equipment. Some equipment will damage or broken, they need to change the equipment immediately to avoid any danger to the employee. And they need to check everything in the warehouse is in good condition. They have to replace the batteries which become weak or to call the professionals to check the sprinkles in the warehouse. Most significant things are not to block any exit where the vehicles will come. And employees must know where the fire extinguishers are available. In case of small fire the employees itself handle the situation.

They can take the fire extinguisher and clean the fire before it become huge. They need to teach the employees on how to handle the fire extinguishers at time of fire. Sometimes the materials which are in the warehouse may catch fire and entire product will be damaged. It will be a huge loss for both the owner of the warehouse and people who store their stock in the warehouse. People need to give training for the employees on what they need to do in an emergency situation. A well trained employee can handle all the critical situation and they know how to react on the worst situation. If they cannot solve the problem by themselves, they will call others immediately to solve the problem.

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