In real life, it is essential to give our brands more tangible forms, because we want to make it easier for consumers to understand our brand. Brand with more abstract representations in the market may make it more difficult to allow us sell products. The effort to make our brand more tangible is very important and we could start by using straightforward bend names.

Existing brands can boost their potentials, value, usage and qualities by offering realistic expectations for customers. It means, customers will know what they will get when they are dealing with the brand. As an example, a VW car is considered as compact and reliable transportation solutions for many families. The company can’t afford to release subsequent models with much lower quality, because this won’t fulfil the promises of the brand.

To make the brand feels more tangible, we should seamlessly integrate it with our products. It’s very seldom that a brand is assiated with only one product. A company often sells many products and it is important to make sure that these products are able to make our brands feel more tangible. Our first products are essential to determine and form our brand; but our subsequent products should also do the same thing.

However, for small businesses that sell only one product, it should be noted that their brand representation can be much more sensitive to changes that the company incorporate to the product. For one-product companies, it is essential to find out about their future brand representations and they need to think like outsiders to make sure that their products feel more tangible.

One credible story we use to describe our products can also be used to make our products feel more tangible. The nature of our brands should be investigated from many different perspectives. The closer we are to the truth about our product, the more tangible our brand will be. This is also the reason why many politicians and celebrities often make public appearances. They want to make their “personal brands” more tangible for the public.

Tangible brands should be very unique, so it would be harder for others to copy them. Some brands still rely on old attributes, such as logo. However, logos can also be used to express the uniqueness of our brands.

Consumers should find it easier to identify most tangible brands in the vast universe of signs and brands. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to make proper distinctions based on our services and products alone. The use of proper branding techniques can be very crucial for obtaining as much as profits in the market.

Obviously, technology is also essential to boost our brand when we sell our products and services. Combined with the unique promotions of our brand, we should be able to make proper distinctions from the competition. In this case, we may need to rely more on common brand distinguishers, such as tailor-made products and unique stories.