Are you facing an uphill battle handling multiple projects? Is the task list growing longer with every passing day? These issues are quite common, but there is a way out. Here are some effective steps that you can follow in order to ensure that all projects are handled simultaneously with utmost care.:-

Have a clear idea of your workload

One of the first things you need to be clear about is your workload. One common mistake that most people tend to have is that they focus on a large list and wonder how they would achieve their targets within a short timeframe. Thinking is not going to solve problems in this regard. Try to maintain a positive frame of mind and you will be prepared to handle the productivity aspect. Also,ensure that you have a proper workload management process. The more complex workload you have, the more important it is for you to have a proper process to manage it.

Plan and map out your workload

An important aspect of the workflow is to plan and create a proper roadmap for your workload. Maintaining a spreadsheet can be really helpful, but you can also make use of a whiteboard. This isn’t a time consuming task and will normally take 15 minutes a day.

The first step in this process is to have an updated task list before you prioritize your tasks. The list might be detailed. Things will work best if each item is handled periodically on an hourly basis. Next, calculate the level of effort that you will have to make. Next to each particular task item in the list, compile an estimate of the time period each one will take. Though this may seem tough at the initial stage, you will improve with estimation gradually.

Have a close look at the task items and determine which items are most urgent. It is always wise to opt for a handful of tasks that are needed urgently, even if others seem to be on top priority. Highlight the ones that you will be working on immediately. Then, sort out the urgent items that you will have to work upon very quickly. They should be on the top of your list.

Another area that you need to consider is the amount of effort. Normally, a large segment of your task list would be minor ones. A workable method to use them is to take easy decisions within a short span of time. At least, you will feel that a lot of work has been completed. This will boost your morale and enhance your productivity levels.

Work on one thing at a time

Put your entire focus on a single task at a time. This will improve your productivity by leaps and bounds.

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