If you offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, your company has the potential to add more features to your customers’ communications systems unlike when providing the traditional TDM-based services. Providing VoIP systems could be an excellent way to increase your business portfolio and get new leads with existing customers. In fact, it is predicted that it is just a matter of time before the VoIP completely replaces the traditional phone lines.

Although VoIP is quite profitable by itself, its ability to deepen a business relationship with the client is itself a massive revenue generator. The ability to connect various communications media better known as Unified Communications also offers a good cross-selling opportunity. A good level to start these services is by providing video features so that the end users can video conference remotely from their desks. UC can as well connect with fax and email hence allowing users to read all of their messages from Outlook.

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Most Miami voip service providers allow the ability for users to failover to the traditional TDM-based system in case of emergencies. However, you may still have to train your support staff on how to deal with emergencies. If you lack the resources to invest in extending VoIP services, you can partner with a hosted “Voice as a Service” dealer. Installing the hosted VoIP system is quite easier than putting in all infrastructures on business premise. Typically, the vendor provides a router that all of the phones link to and which consequently talks directly with the dealer. That model works best for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford an on-premise system. It also matches with the MSP business system, since one can remotely keep track of the system. Most channel members do not build their hosting centers since they are expensive and require skills that most MSPs do not have.

Normally, most VoIP dealers deploy both on-premises together with the hosted VoIP for its clients, but you can also operate exclusively on the hosted system. New York-based SI Lloyd Group provides VoIP through M5 Networks Inc., a hosted VoIP supplier. As a small business, there are so many things you can handle. Technology is continuously changing and constantly evolving. Lloyd Group decided to concentrate on its core skill, IT consulting firm. The M5 is left with the role of handling the specifics of extending VoIP services to clients.