The 12th standard board exams are probably the most important examination in your life. It is at this milestone that life takes a huge turn and this turn is going to decide your destiny. While most students freak out when they are in 12th standard, the children as well as their parents need to know that it is really no big deal. You should not be worrying about the examination if your preparation has been from day one.

How To Prepare For Your 12th Exams from Day One

No matter how prepared they are, the students do tend to get tensed during exams. For all such students, here are some helpful tips –

  • As the title itself says, the preparation must be from very early. You must begin your preparations for the exam from the day you have entered the 12th No matter how hard you study at the last moment, it will not be enough. So take small steps from the initial days instead of taking a big leap on the last day.
  • Get the proper material required for your studies before you begin studying. You can pool in the materials from anywhere – friends, seniors, teachers, library, tuitions or the internet. Get hold all the study materials like NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Molecular Basis of Inheritanceand then sieve through them. Keep only the ones that are useful and throw away the others. There is no point in burdening yourself with too much information. What is necessary is just enough.
  • Self-help is the only way that you can make through this journey. Yes, your parents are with you and your teachers are ready to help when you need them. But, you are the only person who can decide when to study, how to study and what to study. No one knows your weakness and strengths like you do. So, help yourself and study the lessons that you feel are tough.
  • Time management is an art. To succeed in exams as well as life, you must know how to successfully manage your time. It may be finding a balance between studies and fun or balancing all the subjects, you must know how much of your time you must spend on everything. When you know how to manage your time effectively, you can evade all types of disturbances and move on.
  • Sufficient amount of sleep is very necessary. Not just to remain fresh and concentrate in your classes, but also to have a healthy life. After all, life goes on beyond the 12th You must remain healthy. So, make sure you get a good night’s sleep every day. Also, eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Have stress busters in your life to lift the pressure off the exams. Listen to good music, watch a movie once in a while, and go out for an ice cream treat once a week probably. Just do something once in a while to forget the exam tension and have some fun. After that, you will be fresh to get back to CBSE class 12 Biology chapter 6.

These are some things that you can do to be well prepared for the exams. Remember that hard work and consistency can help you achieve your goal.