Do you want to become a popular travel blogger in India? Have you also started writing travel blogs from the same?

What next; definitely you need audience to read your blogs. Are you struggling to get traffic on your blog even after having informative, profound and high-quality content?

Let’s face the bitter reality of highly competitive blogging world. There are hundreds and thousands of blogger for every topic. Getting found in a huge crowd needs special efforts and different ways. This is more challenging for the new bloggers who have just commenced the race of becoming the best blogger in India. You need to update people about your presence through networking to help them find you.

Well-thought-out blog promotion can also lead to additional benefits in terms of earnings. There are so many blog promotion techniques to place your travel blog at the top in search engines and get found by the people looking for the content you are posting on your blog. Here are some helpful and beneficial ways you can implement to promote your travel blog.

Find a Niche

If you have already been writing compelling blogs covering different locations, you need to find a right niche for your blogs. Promoting the blog haphazardly on all the available networks might not help you get the desired results. There are millions of travel blogs having varied categories and to stand out from that crowd you need to focus on something different. It can be anything from different traveling styles to hidden locations, traveling apps etc.

Write Guest Posts

Original and high-quality content that offers value to the readers is always in demand. There are a few popular travel blogs which accept guest blogs. So you can approach them with content that is suitable for the readers at that platform and can drive traffic towards your own blog. Some blog owners give you links along with your author bio, which you can utilize for your promotion. It is a great opportunity to reach out to new readers and drive them to your own blog.

Participate in Blogging Communities

It can include many activities like answering on forums or commenting on blogs. You should participate in different discussions to get more insights and give your contribution through valuable comments. Find the best travel bloggers in India who have large network and leave comments that add value to their content.

If you are looking for platforms to get your name, search for top travel forums and help people get solution to their queries with your answers.

Write For Websites

There are so many websites and leading brands in the travel industry looking for experienced travel bloggers. So you can write for them on different topics like traveling tips, eating zones, weather conditions etc. The easiest way to approach them is to register on different content marketplaces or blogging platforms like Blogmint, where you can participate in campaigns to write for varied brands.

Build Social Presence

Social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are great places to find readers; connect with them and encourage them to share your content. But this can be possible only when you offer them some value. People like engaging and informative posts and don’t hesitate to like and share the content. Just make sure you don’t focus only on your personal promotion. Social media is all about give and take relations.

Blogging is a lengthy process and getting desired results in terms of traffic, shares, followers and money demands patience. Sometimes it might take longer than expected, but to get success you need to maintain the consistency. Keep exploring new locations and writing about them to update your blog with the latest posts.