You invested much time into creating this year’s content. Don’t let it fade into oblivion! Now is the perfect time to repurpose the year’s most popular content.

As a side benefit, this also saves you the time of creating new content through the end of the year. Check out these practical ways to make a new and delicious meal out of your leftover content.

Know Your Content

The best starting point for reusing the past year’s content is taking an inventory of that content. Which posts did you release this year and upon which platforms were they released?

You should also note whether any scheduled posts weren’t released to your audiences. Knowing these and other important details regarding the year’s content will create a strong foundation to make the most of the year’s most popular content, unpublished posts and more.

Create a Year in Review Post

Where did this year’s content take you and how did it help your customers through each season? Answering these questions in a year-in-review post can be an efficient reuse of the year’s most useful posts.

Year-in-review posts also bring a sense of nostalgia, which is a compelling emotion for connecting consumers with your business. Quickly create a year-in-review post by compiling a list of your content that resonated best with your target market. Don’t forget to link back to the original posts to boost site traffic.

Cross-Purpose Your Content

According to Leftover Content Can Be Delicious Too, with a few tweaks, content that was previously posted on one platform can easily be cross-purposed for another platform. For example, one of the year’s most popular posts to your website’s blog could be reformed as a guest post on another site. If you recently added a new social media profile to your repertoire, schedule posts back to your site’s content that was initially promoted on your other social pages.

Create a Top Content Bundle

Which content spurred the most traffic and comments this year? What worked well the first time is sure to work well again. Similar to a year-in-review posts, create a bundled post that contains the year’s most popular and useful content. Your followers will appreciate being able to browse the top content all at once in one post and, if desired, follow links back to the original content to read more.

Target New Audiences

Content that resonated well with your current followers this year should also connect with prospects. If your budget allows, invest a small amount in social media advertising (or another form of digital advertising) to promote your most popular content to new audiences. This tactic can increase site traffic and boost your number of prospects through the end of the year.

Who knew your business’s leftover content could be so delicious? From creating a year-in-review post to targeting new audiences with the year’s most popular content, repurpose your posts to save time and gain more traction.