Any person that has ever been involved in the planning and organisation of a wedding will know that it often tends to be the smaller costs which eventually add up to the biggest headaches. You already know the major expenses you will face along the way and you have taken these into account, but you still find a million and one other expenses creeping up on you and giving you a rather nasty surprise.

One prime example to illustrate the point would be wedding favours as while a single gift to give to a single person to thank them for attending might not be a huge expense, consider the costs of giving out hundreds of these and you’re looking at something entirely different. Nevertheless, there are ways and means by which wedding favours can be both created and given out without having to cut corners or give something you are not entirely proud of.

Here is a quick look at a few essential tips on how to save money on wedding favours:

Shop Online

First and foremost, it should probably come as no surprise to learn that when it comes to pretty much anything and everything you may need for a wedding, you will find the best prices online. Online retailers inherently face considerably lower operating costs than standard retailers and are therefore able to pass these savings on to their customers. What’s more, compare the market by looking at a few different online vendors and you stand to save even more.

Buy in Bulk

When you find a good online vendor, the best advice is to buy as much as you possibly can from this one vendor rather than picking up bits and pieces from a variety of different sources. As tends to be the case with most things these days, the more you are able to buy in bulk and the more business you throw the way of one particular business, the more likely they are to offer you considerable discounts. They may not necessarily advertise bulk discounts or wholesale prices, but there is nothing to stop you asking for them anyway.

Seek Recommendations

These days, pretty much every vendor covering every niche and industry on the web will have all manner of reviews and write-ups regarding how they perform when put to the test. As such, when it comes to finding fantastic wedding favours that are not going to break the bank, it is a good idea to seek recommendations and examine feedback before going ahead. After all, there is a very big difference between finding cheap wedding favours and finding affordable wedding favours you will actually be happy to hand out on the day itself.

Do it Yourself

Now more than ever, DIY wedding favour boxes are becoming astonishingly popular not only as a means by which to save money, but also for the purposes of creating wedding favours which are 100% unique and infinitely more meaningful.  It’s one thing to hit up a store and have them create fantastic wedding favours on your behalf, but it’s something entirely different and indeed more thoughtful to go about making them yourself. Of course, this means yet another investment in time and the option of spending exactly how much you want – doing it yourself doesn’t necessarily guarantee money savings. Nevertheless, if you really want to cut costs to absolute minimums, this is perfectly possible when creating your own wedding favours.


If looking to reduce costs as much as possible while still ensuring that the wedding as a whole is every bit as fantastic as it can be, why not consider using essential items like wedding favours to carry out more than one task? In this instance, you could think about personalising each wedding favour with the names of each guest and using them as place settings. This way, instead of having to invest in 200 wedding favours and 200 place settings, you technically cut the costs in half.

Favour Buffets

Last but not least, another increasingly popular idea when it comes to both saving money and indeed injecting a good dose of fun into the equation is to offer something of a wedding favour buffet. What this basically means is instead of giving each person an individual box or bag filled with a selection of sweets, chocolates, biscuits and so on, you place all such offerings on a table paired with empty bags or boxes and allow the guests to make their own favours. Not only can this be incredibly affordable and fun, but it also ensures that nothing is wasted as no guest is provided with anything they don’t like.