This is a little controversial as how much coffee one should consume for weight loss. Some experts opine that coffee helps significantly in weight loss, whereas others say that it can bring negative effects also. There are several factors which are responsible to bring positive effects; it also depends on how much coffee you are consuming and when you are consuming?

Since long people are using coffee as a weight loss remedy. Coffee acts as a suppressant of appetite and enhances the metabolism. Both the things are important when we are on a mission to lose weight. Lack of appetite will make us eat less and higher metabolic rate will burn calories at a faster pace. You may be exercising for long, but not getting considerable results, you can start taking coffee strategically. When you take coffee make sure that you didn’t cross the limit because it can also play an addictive as it contains caffeine. If coffee is consumed in large amount, then it can bring insomnia, restlessness and irritability also. When you take coffee for weight loss, make sure to take in moderation to avoid negative effects. There are many health products and a half dose of 25mg/day is preferred by experts if you are willing to weight gain. Gaining weight is comparatively easy to losing weight.

How Much We Can Consume?

You can consume 1-3 cups of coffee in a day. People who are working late at night, they feel like eating till they sleep. So if you consume a cup of coffee one hour after dinner, this will suppress your appetite and will restrict you from snacking. People also have a sweet tooth and they usually consume sweets after dinner. This increases their calorie intake and plays a hindrance in their weight loss program. Actually, coffee reduces the craving to eat as it suppresses our appetite.

Another right time to take coffee is before visiting the gymnasium. This will provide you energy and increase your alertness so that you can finish your exercise session in a better way. It also helps in muscle and joint pain, it has diuretic properties also. When you consume coffee do not forget to consume enough amount of water. Good amount of water will flush out the toxins from your body and give a glow to your skin.

Consume Coffee Without Sugar and Cream

People take coffee with a good amount of cream and sugar. This is not a good practice when you are willing to lose weight. This will simply add more calories to your diet so in-spite of losing weight, you will gain weight, it will become an obstacle. This is the reason why experts suggest consuming black coffee for weight loss aspirants. In case you don’t feel like taking black coffee, then opt for sugar-free sweeteners and skimmed milk.

How Coffee Can Harm You?

When you drink too much coffee, it will increase your stress level and this will lead to overeating. It will also bring insomnia and will stimulate the secretion of hormones like, adrenaline and cortisone. The latter hormonal cortisone is also linked to the increase in abdomen fat.

If you want to consume health products for weight gain, then you can opt for a half dose of 25mg/day is preferred by most of the fitness experts.