No matter which part of the year it is, a well-thrown BBQ is always a great way of connecting and bonding with your dearest. The sun is up on the horizon, and the day is perfect for some grilling and outdoor chilling. The best advice is to focus on the grill, and to ignore the time and space around you, leaving all the things that worry you for tomorrow. Once you have achieved that state of mind, use these tips to create the best BBQ ever.

Pick a Date and Place

Victory loves preparations, and for that matter, do an advanced planning of the event. Pick a great outdoor spot which will be both calm and wild, and where you and your friends or family can relax and chill by the grill. Pick a date which you want to commemorate and you are done with the first step.

Send Out the Invitations

Once you have picked the date, make sure that you let your guests know. Be creative, and don’t simply text them; instead, record a video message and send it out, or send a postcard via local postman, or drive to their house and invite them personally. The more you put into it, the more excited your guests will be.

Next are the Recipes

You will want to have your menu ready in advance, so make sure you have already chosen recipes which will astonish your friends or family. Classics are always a great choice, but if you want to be inventive, shoot. The goal is to enjoy your friends’ company with the bonus of eating great meat, so aim towards achieving that. Also, if your recipes have some fresh twist – doesn’t matter if it is taste or the presentation – that will make the entire grilling experience way better.

Coming up next – Drinks

It is known that BBQ and beer make a perfect combination, but if your guests have a slightly different taste in drinks, make sure you stock up on liquor. Bring the coolers filled with ice and brews, and get ready for some serious alcohol mixing. Consider putting cups in personalised stubby coolers, to prevent them from cooling off. A great trick is also to freeze lemon slices the night before using a cupcake pan, to give the water or beer that sophisticated taste. Final tip regarding the drinks – don’t forget the wine!

Set the Mood with chosen Music

Whether it is summer or spring, there are certain songs that simply represent it to the fullest. To keep your guests at the best mood throughout the day, play the songs from the 90`s, 80`s, or simply go for some soul music, or reggae.  During the day, watch how your guests behave, and if some of them get bored, switch to hard rock and start dancing around, inviting them to dance and relax as well. Remember, it is you who dictates the mood of the grill party, so make sure you behave as a host and don’t be passive.

Create Some Additional Activities

If you are near a river, consider phishing with some of your friends, or dipping. Make sure you take a photo with all of your friends to commemorate the moment, and afterwards make copies and send them to each family or friend that came. If there are children, consider creating some yard games to keep them occupied. By bringing over four cans of spray, you can create an outdoor Twister board, which can be played by pretty much everyone. Make sure to keep the mood up, and everything else will work out well.

Using these tips, everyone can become an expert at throwing the grill party. Remember to pick a sunny day, bring a cooler full of brews, and make sure that nothing can ruin your good mood.