Writing listing ads is an important part of having a successful real estate business. You need to know how to grab someone’s attention in order to get results and sale houses. Selling homes is fun if you know how to do it in the right way. Most properties can sell themselves, but only if you have priced it accurately, promoted it, and your real estate listing ad is effective.

Basic Elements for Writing your Listing Ad:

Stop Being Usual-

You want your listings to stand out from the rest. Think outside the box and create your listing ad in a unique way that is exciting for people to view and be more interested.

To make your listings one of a kind, you must follow a unique approach.

Your Ad Needs a Good Structure

Real estate listing ads should have a certain order of information. The content should flow together and looking something like this:


—-Opening Statement—–

<Narrative Description of features>

—-Special Promotion—–

<Call To action with Contact Info>

What exactly should these components contain?

Headline: Your headline must be unique as well as attractive to catch the eye of the buyer. You can add awe, humor, and or anxiety to your headline with flashy statements. However, make sure you do not lie or exaggerate, because you want to be true to the listing. You simply want to grab people’s attention so they click on it to get more details.

Opening Statement: The idea of an opening statement is to introduce the listing’s basic elements, so the buyer gets what they are looking for. This can include keywords that create them to be more interested in the property like, park facing, charming ranch, and other words to describe the property.

Narrative Description: You need to do two simple things through this section of your ad:

·       Give the description of primary features like bedrooms, bathrooms, size of property, location information, recent renovations if any, and other unique characteristics of the property.

·       Describe your real estate listing in a convincing and inspiring way. Remember words can do wonders, and there are creative copywriters who can write beautiful and attractive content to take your buyers to a world of fascination and they are enticed to buy your property.

Special Promotion: This is something that is unique about the property. A special promotion does not have to be in every listing, but if the property has something special to offer talk it up to make the listing sound even more enticing

Call to Action: Give the viewers a sense of urgency to take advantage of what the property has to offer.

Keep in mind that there is a thin line between describing and bringing a positive picture of the property and overselling and hyping it up. Work effectively to create your real estate listing ads.