If you’re looking ahead to an important event and can’t decide on what to do about catering, you’ve probably been tempted by the idea of a hog roast – why else would you be here? If our affordable hog roast in Reading hire options haven’t tempted you enough, here’s a look at how your next party can benefit from a hog roast:

Create an Attraction

Fancy making a bit of a spectacle with your event catering? Perfect. There’s real drama in slowly cooking a whole hog on a spit. Your guests will be fascinated as they enjoy this historic way of cooking right in front of their eyes. Not to mention the delicious smells that will linger out from our hog roast machines and fill your venue. Attendees will be salivating, excited about what to expect!

Provide Healthy Food

Roasting a pig on a spit is a much healthier form of cooking meat than many methods. The amount of oil and fat that is produced by the meat is decreased when using a rotisserie, so although it might not be as ‘diet conscious’ as serving up salads and seafood – it’s a sensible way to provide that special occasion off meat-feast.

Feed the Masses

When you need to feed a large group of people on a budget, hog roasting is ideal. There will be plenty to go around and, even when you’re feeding a whole wedding reception or big birthday bash, there’s usually leftovers.

Allow you Chef to Relax

If you plan on having a friend or family member in charge of your catering, you’ll want them to be able to relax and enjoy your event as much as possible. Hog roast machines are really straightforward to use and mean your chef doesn’t need to be constantly monitoring the food