The functionality and performance of the software to a large extent also depends on the expertise of a software tester. To find the best software tester for the requirement of the company, it is important to ask them a list of questions. The answers to these questions will help the employer to understand their technical expertise, skills and experience. This information will ultimately ease their selection process.

What are the benefits you can achieve by outsourcing software testing task to specialized IT companies?

A business can benefit a lot by outsourcing software testing job to specialized testers at IT outsourcing software testing company. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reap cost related benefits
  • Lesser in-house efforts
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Easy and anytime access to an efficient and highly proficient team
  • Enhanced application quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Better software testing efficiency

What are the different things you need to consider when hiring software outsourcing testing services?

There are different types of software services outsourced to a company. These are:

Selection of the right model

There are two different types of outsourcing methods that you can choose: total outsourcing or incremental outsourcing. To help in this selection, you need to clearly understand the strategy of the business, business model, and the geographic location of the company.

  • In incremental type of outsourcing, the testing work is broken down into smaller parts. Each of these smaller parts is then outsourced to different service providers. The supplier of the task has lower risk and knowledge about the product remains in-house. It is the duty of the client to keep a close watch on the outsource provider to perform the work in a proper way.
  • In “total outsourcing,” all the testing work is assigned to a single outsourcing company. This model is cost-efficient but needs careful and elaborate planning.

Team Location

An offshore software testing company can provide high-quality work at a lower cost. The only drawback is that there is high amount of risk associated to its communication, language issue and cultural differences.

Due to differences in time zone, it can pose problems reaching out to the vendor team. It is thus beneficial to choose a local company for your outsourcing task. Working with a team that resides in the same country removes all types of time-zone, cultural and language issues.

Service Level Agreement

You need to get this agreement signed between the client and the service provider that gives you a detailed explanation of what client can expect from their services. SLA is related to the engagement model, the type of software testing and KPIs.

Things that are included in a SLA:

  • Reporting and project management timelines
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Product quality measures
  • Know-how of core business
  • Process compliance
  • SLA metrics dashboard


With so many software testing professionals, it can become a challenging task for a firm to recruit the specialist out of them. These are some of the best tips that would help every company in finding out the best software tester for them.