What is a trundle bed?


A single trundle bed is a low bed with attached wheels that one can easily move from one place to another or it can be placed beneath a taller bed. It is a useful and space-saving furniture that fits easily in a small bedroom. These types of beds are beneficial for those who have a large family and live in close quarters or for those who live in small apartments. This type of furniture is best for children room. They can play easily in the space in the daytime and can comfortably get a full bed to sleep at night. They are perfect for the toddlers because of their low lying advantage the little ones stays closer to the floor, which will resist them from falling down. It is a well-designed, versatile furniture, which is space saving and economical. You will get a variety of design and color for this elegant piece of furniture in the market.


Things one should know before buying this furniture piece


The most important factor for buying a single trundle bed is that it saves a lot of space. With this versatile furniture, you can enjoy two beds facility in a single space in that one bed. They can easily be used as chaise lounges or daybeds in the daytime. In addition to this, at night the second bed can be rolled out where you can comfortably sleep with your pillows and beddings. These beds come with a variety of designs that include drawers where you can store your beddings and pillows when they are not required. These beds are perfect for the children, teens, and the guests. They are made up of materials that are commonly used to make a standard bed. Mainly, they are made up of metal or wood. You can choose the material according to your interior style and other furniture at home. They are available in the market mainly in two sizes in twin size and full size. In the upper portion, you can use any kind of mattress but the lower part the mattress should be thinner. You can choose a memory foam mattress for the lower bed.


Important Facts One Should Know Before Buying Trundle Beds


Pros and cons of trundle beds


A single trundle bed also has some pros and cons like any other beds. The pros are as follows:


⦁ These beds are functional, since two kids can sleep in the bed at the same time.
⦁ There are some other types of trundle beds that look like bunk beds with trundle. In this type of bed, two or more children can sleep at a time.
⦁ It is user friendly. There is no requirement of hiding or collecting the bed parts during the time of folding back.
⦁ It requires less space. So, you can fit it up in a small bedroom.
⦁ There are drawers fitted in these kinds of beds where you can store useful things.
⦁ This type of low-lying beds is safe for kids. It will not allow your kids to fall down.

Everything has a good and a bad side. Likewise, these trundle beds also have some cons present. They are as follows:


When you are using the lower bed, you have to take it out fully. Otherwise, your kid can get with his limbs or head into the gap that is created between the upper and lower beds. In case, if the child is too small, he will have difficulty to land from the second floor during the time of toilet. In this scenario, the lower bed must be pushed fully not half.