With the level of competition in the market on a continuous upsurge, it is extremely important for every business entity to retain their existing set of customer. A viable inbound call centre solution provider is meant to help business units retain their customers and also make sure that they remain pleased with our brand and our products. But, with the advancement in technology has made the task of keeping a customer satisfied all the more complex.

Let us now discuss in detail about some of the most frequent glitches that a customer faces and how a professional call centre solution provider can actually help in resolving the problems faced by the customer.

The product did not fulfill customer’s expectations

This factor can be detrimental to the success of the company in the long-run. If the product does not turn out the way the customer expected it to be. This might also lead to customer being remorseful about buying the product and may just look to find avenues of getting back at the brand. This is where a professional inbound call centre executive can help the customer and suggest the most feasible solution as per the refund policies or return and exchange policies. This will give a strata of options to the customer which will help them in deciding if they want to exchange the product or return it altogether to get their money back.

Product performance varies from what was advertised

There might be a situation that the customer has started using the product/service but finds out that the offering does not deliver the way company claimed it would perform. There might be a discrepancy between the customer’s understandings of the product or there may be an actual difference between the way it was advertised and the way in which the product performed. This is where a professional call centre executive can play a role in informing if they can get a refund or exchange or anything else that can be done to resolve their query.

Product delivered is defective

There might be instances when a customer finds out that the product is truly defective. The damage might have been caused at the time of manufacturing or at the time of shipping the product from the source of manufacture to the destination of consumption. In such a scenario, a professional inbound call centre executive will make sure that he/she has an apologetic tone for the inconvenience faced by the customer and instantly offer to get the product exchanged with a well-knit product. The executive can also offer some freebies to compensate for the same, so that the customer feels valued by his/her association with the brand.

Slow delivery of product

There might be a case where the customer is waiting for the product to arrive for a long time. In some cases, the product might have been lost during shipping process. A call centre solution provider with access to tracking system can help in verifying the product’s whereabouts and give regular update to the customer accordingly.

Poor service delivery

In retail industry, there might be a situation where the customer received poor service for our hypermarket or superstore. In such a scenario, we and management team of our reliable inbound call centre solution provider must make sure that the executives are sufficiently trained so that the customer complaint received via multiple channels like phone or online are handled well. A business entity also needs to have well-developed disciplinary procedures in place so that this behavior is addressed at the earliest. Hence, it is recommended to rotate staff to places where they fit best.

We can conclude from the above discussion that outsourcing to a professional call centre unit can play a major role in retaining the existing set of customers. The glitches faced by the customers need to resolved in real-time if we want the customers to stay by our side. Hence, a professional outlook towards outsourcing customer service vertical needs to be kept if we want to achieve maximum return on investment.