Bangalore has always been a bustling city. You might dislike the packed buses or the mega traffic jams, but there are also plus sides to the city. So many events and things happen here every day that it is practically impossible to keep track of all of it.  There is always something for each of us to do here. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you are from, your religion or your gender. There will always be a thousand things to do in Bangalore, everyday of the week and that’s what makes it awesome!

  • Garden City

As you might already know, Bangalore is called Garden City. Beautiful Gardens have been a part of the city landscape since its founding. Cubbon Park, JP Park and Lal Bagh are few of the most visited spots in Bangalore. These parks give a breath of fresh air in the midst of the concrete jungles of the city. They are the perfect places for your morning jog or walk and double as a quick picnic spot.

  • Pub Hopping

Bangalore is the best city in India if you would like to go pub-hopping or club-hopping. It is rightly called the Pub Capital of the world. In no other city can you find these many happening pubs. Choose from hard Rock Café, The Windsor Pub, The Biere Club, Toit, Purple Haze, Opus or anyone in this list that never ends as your starting points and prepare to get amazed. The sheer diversity of the drinks offered at these establishments is enough to make you go gaga. The best of crowds are always ready to party with you here.

  • Shopping

If shopping is on your mind, then look no further than Bangalore. Almost everything there is to buy, be it clothes, shoes, gadgets, jewellery or just grocery in the numerous malls here. The shopping and market complexes here offer even the most sophisticated malls a run for their money. Even the street side vendors and merchants here know how to make you an offer that you cannot refuse. It’s just a shopper’s paradise here.

  • Eat

If there is one thing you must do in Bangalore, it is stuff yourself with the delectable food! If you think that there food available here is mostly South Indian, then you better think again. The cosmopolitan nature of Bangalore has brought the best of cuisines, both Indian and international to its doorstep. Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean or Continental; chances are that you’ll find all them under a single roof. Bangalore has the best hotels without doubt and is a Foodie’s Heaven for sure.

The city is a happening place that can’t leave anyone disappointed. It is an absolute pleasure to both live in or to pop in for a brief visit. Bangalore makes sure that each and every one finds their passion and follows it.

Author: The author is a post grad student who is pursuing his MBA in a prestigious college in Bangalore. He is known to contribute many posts for eventshigh.