Over time, social media has proven to be one of the fast and effective marketing tools. Digital marketing has given a new dimension to business organizations. Now, every business firm can take the help of social media to increase customer engagement.

Among all the social media portals, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms round the block. One of the main reasons why Instagram is so popular compared to other because it uses pictures to convey a message.

Instagram - A Great Business Marketing Tool

Instagram – a brief overview:

Instagram is a mobile application. It allows its users to upload photos instantly and easily edit them. This application has a set of unique photo filters, which gives a professional look instantly. Additionally, it also has a branded tilt-shift feature, known as 3D effect. If, you use this filter, any type of picture is going to stand from the rest.

Instagram is addictive and it has got millions of iOS and Android users. Needless to say, where the crowd goes, business should follow. Whether you are the owner of a company or you are responsible for social branding, you need to know why Instagram is perfect for your business

Instagram equals to instantaneousness:

In simple way, by maintaining your business account you are reducing time in reaching millions of potential customers. It is easy to use and very quick in conveying a message. Within seconds you can share the latest news about your brand.

Get straight to business:

Unlike other social media accounts like facebook and Google, you don’t have to maintain a personal account. You can make your brand profile and get started within minutes. Moreover, since Instagram is entirely a mobile application, you chances of getting customer engagement become higher. This is because most of the world’s population uses a mobile. Getting your business in Instagram mean getting your business in people’s hand.

Everyone like pictures:

Visuals are always attractive. They always leave an impact on our minds. Just imagine, you are sharing your business story with your potential customers. With your Instagram account you can inform about your products or your services. As a user, will browse through your account, they have all the current information in a single swipe.

Additionally, the pictures of Instagram are higher in resolution. Uploading professional pictures was never so easy, without losing the quality. Moreover, Instagram comes with a direct message option, where anyone can drop a message. The messages are only visible to the user. 

Makes your brand look interesting:

Instagram is a platform where you want to connect with your customers. Maintaining a story board of pictures can be helpful in doing emotional marketing. You can share candid moments of your business. It can be a boardroom meeting, a successful part, an after party etc.

Instagram album provides personality to a brand in such a way, that no other social platform has been able to accomplish so far. However, you need to do it in a proper way. Managing image of the brand along with the content is also very important. You can take professional advice from instamacro.com to maintain your account.

Why is it easy to get followers?

Instagram doesn’t allow posting links in the account. It is solely a picture application. Therefore when a customer follows your brand, it is purely their consent to follow your page. Moreover, if you frequently post interesting pictures, which feature your products or services on Instagram, customers are more likely to follow you.

Conclusion: Now, it is easy for you to build brand awareness with huge number of fans. Instagram also links your website, facebook and twitter account. You can use this 360 degree of marketing to build your brand.

Author Bio – David Jackman is an eminent digital marketing professional. At present, he is associated with instamacro.com. You can consult him regarding tips for maintaining your Instagram account.