Both Instagram and Snapchat are marvelous photo-sharing apps in their own rights. Both these social networking sites are predominantly visual platforms. They would be quite effective in promoting your services, brands or products. However, there are some noticeable feature-focused differences between Instagram and Snapchat. Here are some of the most striking differences between the two highly popular photo-sharing apps.

Instagram or Snapchat As An Effective Social Media Network For Promoting Business

Take a video or a Photo : The interfaces along with the capture button are more or less same in both photo-sharing apps. Instagram’s plus point is that it is very easy to upload a video or photo as you could do so, directly from a phone or computer. This is definitely, more flexible and works out fine for many of you. However, Snapchat makes it mandatory to capture the video or photo that you wish to share, through the app. So this becomes a wee bit less flexible and Instagram steals the show.

Sending a Video or Image : Previously, this used to be an exclusive Snapchat feature till the launch of Instagram Direct. However, you could send to a maximum of 15 individuals on Instagram. On the contrary, Snapchat allows you to send pictures to as many people as you desire and there are no restrictions or limitations. In Instagram, the video or picture remains in Instagram. However, in the case of Snapchat, the image or video gets automatically deleted once the receiver has already viewed it.

Adding Text : Text can be added in both Instagram and Snapchat. In the case of Instagram, text can be added just below the video or image. However, for Snapchat, you could directly type the text on the picture if you so desire. So, there is a difference between the two in terms of positioning of the desired text. For any marketing or promotional activity, positioning of text, as well as, graphics is essential.

Like or Comment on a Video or Picture : Instagram is a definite winner. You could certainly go on liking and commenting on a video or picture that comes in Instagram’s feed stream. Unfortunate thing is that on Snapchat, you simply cannot create such kinds of conversation threads. As social media is pretty much about sharing and interacting, with potential and existing customers, Snapchat lags behind Instagram.

Editing Filters : Instagram has a distinctive feature. While using Instagram you could edit the photo you have taken. You could go on editing the color, light, sharpness or saturation to enhance the overall looks before you share it. Instagram therefore, provides an effective way of enhancing the product pictures and adding an element of style to your specific brands. Snapchat has recently added this feature but does not boast of as diverse editing filters as Instagram.

Content Streaming : Content streaming seems more or less the same in Instagram, as well as, Snapchat. On Instagram, you would be constantly feeding videos and images whereas in Snapchat, whenever a new or fresh item is posted, you would be getting suitable new story notification. Both are equally effective with an impressive visual marketing thread. Visit instamacro for all your Instagram solutions and services.

Advertisements : Instagram is following the footsteps of Facebook as it is now a property of Facebook. On Instagram, you would surely be getting sponsored content every now and then. Snapchat is free from advertisements.

Audience : Snapchat has been found to be the dominant app for users falling in the 18 to 24 years of age demographic, while Instagram’s audience is significantly older, even if it is much younger than the average of other networks. So, if you’re targeting a niche of young users, Snapchat is still the way to go.