No one can deny the power of Live Chat. It has been thoroughly studied and proven by a plethora of research that live chat can improve both the customer experience and sales; much of the credit goes to its capability of creating a direct contact between customers and the business.

With every business and company using live chat, how can you surpass in your targeted niche industry? Leveraging all the feature that live chat software has to offer will do! Period.

Where the majority of the companies still struggling with the basic features, meanwhile some are getting a clear leap by integrating the live chat with their CRM – customer relationship management.

Imagine you work in a café that bears a huge footfall and customers. You cannot recognize all your customers and if that lady in corner likes more cream in her coffee or orders gluten-free every time. You cannot feed all this information in your mind when you have a long line of customers to facilitate. But! The thing is your customers what your attention and want to be treated on a personal level.

Here are some of the benefits that live chat ensures when it is integrated with CRM.

Chat History and Well-organized Workflow

Let imagine. You get a chat request from a website visitor who wants to upgrade his current membership plan. And he wants to know more about the new features he will be getting with the upgraded plan.

To provide your customer a personalized support, you opened the CRM and checked all the request and problems that customer has reported. This will give you a better insight, and you will be able to make further recommendations about what will be the most appropriate option for him or her. This will eventually impress the customer and open doors of upselling for you. And then, you ended the chat and feed the information about the current chat into the CRM, so that you or any other agent can use it later

More and More Leads

With proactive chat, it becomes easier to for the chat agents and salesforce to pre-qualify leads before even starting the conversation. How? By screening a visitor’s behavior on the website, and passing on chat triggers to specified patterns, the sale teams can assess a visitor’s interest and overall intention.

The more leads they identify, the better will be the conversion rate. In some best website chat software, the sale agents are capable of sending automatic updates to the reporting authority after each interaction.


Believe it or not, we love speed. We do not like waiting in queues to pay our bills, and this is why things are being more advanced, and convenient to be precise. Same goes to our customers; they are not now eager to spend hours waiting for their email replies. They want quick answers, solutions, and information. Through chat integration with leading CRM, the chat agents can easily handle inquiries and generate help tickets quickly.

Want to stay ahead of the competition? You have to be quick. Whatever others are doing, you have to be several steps further, and this is only possible if you leverage the latest technology in the best way possible.