It would be lame to ask whether you have ever used an iPhone or not. iPhone is not just a mobile phone, but it is a brand. Even if you do not own one, you must have used it once from a friend or family.

Many of the Android users say it is hard to use an iOS operating system. But I think the other way around. The phone is easy to use, handle and appears good in all ways. iPhone has also been equipping the handsets with the best mobile applications in use.

However, one thing that bothers the minds is – why can’t I remove the pre-installed apps? Well, this is the only flaw (all that I know of) in the iPhones. It sometimes gets annoying when a user can’t get rid of an unwanted mobile app.

Many ex-android users and even the iPhone users complain that if they are not given the authority to remove an app, at least let them disable it. In android smartphones, some apps can easily be uninstalled and if this can’t be done, at least they have the power to disable that app.

The good news is that this complaint is soon going to come to an end.

Recently, BuzzFeed had a 20 minute interview with Time Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. in that short interview, Cook disclosed news about the new iPhone features, privacy concerns, the iPad Pro with the news to remove pre-installed apps.

In a question during the interview about the need to remove the unwanted apps, Cook’s reply was agile:

There are some apps that are linked to something else on the iPhone. If they were to be removed they might cause issues elsewhere on the phone. There are other apps that aren’t like that. So over time, I think with the ones that aren’t like that, we’ll figure out a way [for you to remove them]. … It’s not that we want to suck up your real estate; we’re not motivated to do that. We want you to be happy. So I recognize that some people want to do this, and it’s something we’re looking at.

I hope this news will make the iPhone users smile.

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As a contributor, Bill has gathered words to present this info-news to the iPhone users. Bill is working for a web development company in the UK.

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