Are you looking for a cost effective travel insurance? Well, then choosing European Health Insurance Card will be the smartest move. You can now receive medical-treatments with special discounts, especially during travel. To be precise, medical-emergencies during travel can be now efficiently attended or satisfied by means of EHIC.

Is EHIC Needed For Availing Cheapest Medical Treatment During Travel?

Can EHIC be treated as the Best Alternative for Travel Insurance?

Though European Health Insurance Card is a special form of travel insurance you will not receive multiple facilities out here like that of general travel insurance. Wider coverage can be enjoyed in case of travel insurance but it is not available in this case.

If you cannot afford travel insurance then only EHIC can help you out. EHIC is now offering your absolutely valuable or high-end protection. Some basic facts about EHIC have been discussed below.

  • Many people opt for EHIC for receiving free medical-treatment but it is not possible all the time. EHIC-cover is highly based on few common aspects like state-regulations, hospital-type, and country policies. In some countries, EHIC demands some substantial amount. The limitations of EHIC are always being fulfilled or satisfied by travel insurance.
  • State-hospitals are not always included rather you might have to avail treatments from any private hospital under EHIC plan. This is another great limitation of EHIC.
  • Few issues like theft, baggage-loss, repatriation, delay or cancellation are not covered by EHIC. Get this idea very clear that EHIC caters just a medical cover but apart from that you cannot expect anything.

All these details will surely clear your concept about EHIC. EHIC is nothing but the cheapest form of travel insurance. If you think that apart from health issue all other probable issues can be efficiently managed then you can surely go for the concerned option without having any dilemma in mind.

In fact, medical tourism has now reached a great height with the commencement of EHIC. Travel experts usually recommend taking EHIC along with travel insurance for receiving a stronger travel protection plan. Many facilities of EHIC are not found within normal travel insurance but if you take them together then you will definitely be at the safest end especially when you are travelling with your family or in groups.

How can EHIC Card be Applied?

You have to get the original site for getting registration for EHIC. Do not rely on fake sites as you might get into the dangerous situation. You should consider EHIC application one of the most important steps of any travel planning. An early application can make your travel more comfortable and safe. Visit the original EHIC site online for filling up all necessary details.

You can also call at the mentioned number for getting proper answers of your queries. If the queries get resolved quickly then you can comfortably attend the registration online. EHIC teams will guide you regarding how to receive a smooth and convenient application procedure. Print-out of application form needs to be collected essentially.

Now, you can get proper answers of few valid questions about European Health Insurance Card directly from the official EHIC page on Facebook. You just have to follow the page sincerely for getting recent updates about EHIC application and facilities.