Yes. Field Research, as the name suggests is the process of collecting information for research by undertaking field work or going outside the workplace to search and find important sources and to extract relevant data from them. It forms an essential part of Market Research and is also a crucial part of Primary Research.

Field Research :

Field Research is done by finding and extracting essential data both from online and offline sources to aid the market research process. We receive Field Research projects in the form of surveys to be conducted that we tackle with the help of pre-arranged systems and by following well-defined structures.

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The various ways in which Avante’s Field Research aids in the Market Research process for its clients is as follows:

  • Understanding the current market scenario is the fundamental step that will help shape marketing decisions. It includes identification of Marketing Actions, Trends, Impacts, and Consequences.
  • According to the data collected, goods and services will be made and appropriate methods will be chosen to bring them in alignment with market trends. Improved marketing programmes can be prepared that will be most suitable for customers.
  • New Market Trends can be unearthed early on. Along with new opportunities, any limitations will also be made clear.

Field Research consists of the following processes:

  • Field Survey
  • Collection and Collation of data
  • Experiment Validation
  • Presentation and Evaluation of Information.

Field Research works for several sectors and conducts Field Surveys for Industries, consumers, and is also involved in the preparation of techno commercial feasibility and Viability reports.

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To provide utmost quality of service, we ensure that our field surveys are kept confidential. We also try to perform research at an affordable cost and always maintain high quality standards. Every single project is handled with utmost professionalism and complete dedication so that the best possible results follow.

Field Research at Avante consists of the following 4 broad categories:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Market Research and Field Survey
  • Advertising and Media and
  • Management Studies.

All the information collected in our surveys and interviews are organized and presented in a suitable format that is in alignment with appropriate marketing language, making them easily understandable.