Under the auspices of the United States Department of State’s J-1 program, the federal government seeks to extend good will throughout the world by opening up employment opportunities for foreign students looking to fill seasonal summer jobs for students in the United States. The hugely popular program invites more than 100,000 eager students to fill student summer jobs each year, and the relationships that the program fosters is the exact cultural goal that the J-1 program was designed to inculcate.

New regulations, seeking to strengthen the program, and protect both foreign workers and American labor alike, have inaugurated a change in the way the State Department vets an approved Russian recruitment agency, and the implemented changes have effectively saved American student jobs in a move lauded by all sides of the debate.

The United States State Department’s J-1 Program

Inaugurated during the Kennedy Administration in 1961, the non-immigrant, work-visa program, J-1, seeks to strengthen economic and social ties around the world by offering part-time, seasonal jobs for students who are looking to get to know the United States and its citizens better.

Indeed, oftentimes it is more about the social experience than the money being earned by working abroad for these student job seekers.

“Now I can meet many people and see America,” said Ukrainian student worker AnzhalaScherbina. “My parents say this will be a very good experience.”

Fears for the safety of foreign workers, and concern for the impact that their presence had on American jobs has seen the program’s requirements tighten in recent years. As such, jobs for students must be secured in advance before the summer job candidate can apply for the J-1 visa. Additionally, to ward against unscrupulous businesses who are suspected of improper conduct, summer job applicants from Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Moldavia are given an extra governmental review to ensure that all summer student jobs are above board and legitimate.

For those employers with work abroad positions that are looking to hire from these countries, be sure to allot extra time for the visa to clear. Likewise, students who seek employment in the United States can expect to have to wait for official clearance before beginning their summer student jobs in the United States.

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