Getting your product or service out there can be a difficult task as you are competing with so many websites in your niche. If did not come on top of the list when searching for various goods, it would not be one of the most viewed website in the world. So if you want your online business to be successful, you need to be well-versed with different online marketing tactics.

A PPC advertisement is an excellent way to get noticed online. A Pay-per-click ad can attract the attention of users through various other sites. For example social networking sites like Facebook often feature such PPC ads of various other websites. Let us see how PPC and keyword rich URLs help increase traffic to your site.

How PPC works

There are many established sites with millions of users from around the world. These sites can earn a profit by allowing other websites to use them as a platform to establish a name for them. You may have frequently seen that whenever you search for any keyword on Google, there are a few results that have “ad” written next to them. These are the pay per click ads. When and if you click on those ads you will be taken to the websites of the businesses, but the website will have to pay for each user that the ad redirects.

If you want to publish a PPC  ad on any website then you need to first bid for the keyword. Once you get the keyword then you need to pay a fixed amount to the platform site. This means that even though you might have to pay a certain sum, you can get assured that when related keywords are searched, users will be shown your ad along with the ads of other businesses.

How Keyword Rich URLs Attract Users

When you type any keyword in the search engine, there are many results shown that are listed as per the rank assigned by the search engine. To get a good search engine rank there are many aspects that need to be taken care of. One aspect that is highly debated over is the importance of a keyword rich URL.

Some believe that a keyword rich URL helps get a better ranking while others believe that it is insignificant. The fact is that the keyword rich URLs are of some consequence when it comes to search engine rankings. There are many websites that have similar or same keywords in their URLs this is when the other factors start playing a role in the ranking system. But if you do have a keyword rich URL then it can be beneficial not just for search engine rankings but for pay per click ads as well.

PPC and Keyword Rich URL

Even if you have a pay per click ad on any site or search engine, there are supposed to be many more ads on it. But what can set you apart is the keyword rich URL that you have. If you have a short URL that has only one keyword in common then the users might consider your website to be of little consequence. But if your URL is rich with keywords then it might allow the users to take notice and understand what your site is all about.

A survey conducted by has revealed that users spend most time looking at the heading of the pay per click ads and they spend an average gaze time of 0.53seconds on the URLs of the advertisements. This goes to show that before clicking on any advertisement the users are sure to spend time checking out the URLs. If your website has a keyword rich home URL that describes the product and/or service that your website provides, then your site is sure to attract more viewer. If you do plan on using keywords in your URLs then it is a better idea to add the keywords after your domain name in the URL.

Many users can be skeptical about the PPC ads but once they get a clear picture about the site though the URL they might be more confident to check out the sites. As adding descriptions might cost much more, it is best to use your URL to the utmost.

A keyword rich URL not only provides better search engine rankings but also attracts more users by offering a small description and  allows your PPC ad to look more attractive .So, do not think twice before stuffing your home URLs as well as your page URLs with keywords.