Working area

This is important for potential buyers. A family that spends a lot of time cooking would want to have enough work space in the kitchen. Most small homes don’t have a lot of space for you to work with. What happens is there is less counter space and things can get a little cramped. Even in some large homes, the kitchens can be designed so they have better aesthetics instead of function.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, try increasing the work area. You can extend the counters too if possible. Add a peninsula or island. Install hanging tracks for pans and pots. This will free up counter and cabinet space. Even in small kitchen spaces, a good designer should easily be able to redesign in order to make the most use of space.

They may use shelves to try and free up space over the counter. They may even add a stacked area to your counter top which gives you a couple of work areas without increasing the width or length of the counters.

Install tile or granite

Using any kind of stone, even tile, is a terrific way of increasing the value of your home. This goes for the floor too. Carpet and wood are bad choices when it comes to kitchens because they don’t handle moisture, water and spills too well.

Not only does this decrease the likelihood of the floor being ruined because of water but it’s also quite attractive for potential buyers. It’s easy to clean and can significantly increase the value of your house. This could be vital for selling your home.


There are lots of homes which suffer from bad lighting. There is no point in having a new, beautiful kitchen if you aren’t able to see anything now is there?

Lighting fixtures are the cheapest, most cost effective upgrades that you can make to your kitchen. Things such as recessed or track lighting lends a beautiful, modern touch to kitchens too. Installing mood lighting, lighting under your cabinets, lights with inbuilt fans, etc. can all help increase the value of your house.


This can be quite a costly investment. But the fact of the matter is that it can pay you back many times over. If you know there are potential buyers who are looking for furnished kitchens, new washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, etc., installing new appliances can help make your home easier to sell. What’s more, if you are planning on staying there for a while, getting energy efficient appliances are going to help you save money on your energy bills each month. You can recuperate part of the costs this way too.