General contractors are usually paid a large sum of money; even though it depends on the type of project that they are working on. It can be quite alluring to work as a contractor but it takes years of learning and proper preparation to be one of the best contractors in the area. Today, there are several contractors who are available in the market just for making money. These contractors lack required experience and training and as a result of which the project may run into huge losses.

Know How To Prevent Yourself from Fraudulent General Contractors

Alpman Ilker is a popular general contractor of a construction firm who says that a project owner when looking for a contractor should be extremely cautious as the fraudulent contractors use various tactics to fool the customers. Listed below are some of the tips that can prevent a project or a building owner from falling in trap of fake contractors:

  • The fraudulent general contractors usually ask for an advanced payment claiming that they need to buy materials for the project. On the other hand, the professional contractors usually ask for payment only after the entire project is completed. In addition, do not make the final payment up until the job is completed.
  • Unlike the honest general contractors, the fake ones do not offer written contracts. Whereas a professional contractor will provide a written contract which include every aspect of the project starting from agreements made by the client and contractor in terms of compensation, time of conclusion, penalties for delayed completion etc.
  • Fraudulent contractors often approve with all the terms of the customer in order to get the work.
  • A fraudulent general contractor will not be able to show documentation. One the other hand, a licensed general contractor is legit is usually insured and bonded. Insurance is required to inhibit the client from bearing any extra expenditure apart from the fixed amount of the project.
  • Check and apprehend every word of a contract before finalizing. If you do not understand something, ask for explanation. If you do not get explanation, look for some other contractors.
  • Under no circumstances sign a contract with a general contract who makes declarations that sound too good to be true. Probabilities are they need to make these enticements to entice customers.
  • Be careful of contractors who try to panic you into signing for maintenance by saying that they are urgent. Before approving to any supplementary overpriced maintenance, seek other estimations.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for the rating and any grievances against the contractor.

Besides this, one should always feel free to contact the insurance company if he or she has any questions or concerns about the contractor.

As stated by Alpman Ilker, if you scrutinize the contractor and do not hand over cash in advance prior to the starting of the contracting deal, you will have a superior chance of not being cheated and will get a decent renovation job done for the right amount of money.