Jewelry comes in two kinds: authentic and costume. You can call it with varied names and references, as with the emergence of the fashion-revolution, today anyone can afford jewelry irrespective of ‘fine’ or ‘cosmetic’ jewelry.  The best part is both types of jewelry are captivating and confusing to the normal eyes. This incredibly fashionable addition resulted into huge demand among women. However, you need to be careful while selecting, as each type is different. Hence, understanding the basic, yet notable differences between cheap jewelry on line and fine jewelry can be quite simple: it all comes down to the materials that the jewelry is made with. Figuring out the quality of the metals and the gemstones are all it takes to determine whether a piece of jewelry is considered fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. We’re walking you through the definitions that expert authenticators use when it comes to assuring the quality of jewelry so that you know what to look for when shopping for new additions to your jewelry collection.

In order for a piece to be labeled fine, it has to be made with certain materials. All other jewelry is known as cosmetic — or fashion — jewelry. While both are coveted by jewelry collectors and fashionistas alike, it’s good to know the difference before you buy.

Is the seller is reputed

Always go for those websites that sell quality products. Check the seller and other feedback related to the page and you will get to know about the good and bad experience of the ‘buyer’ regarding any product

Good to be true

Representation of designer jewelry can be unnaturally beautiful, and lure you to buy one. Market place like Facebook and Gumtree are few of the sites that will help you to know the site much better. Moreover, trust your instincts and do not rush to get one.

Return or exchange policy

Particularly jewelry like ring or bracelet needs an exact measure for ‘fashion’ it right, thus, go for return or exchange button on the websites before payment. You will not be happy or may change your mind once you received it. Allowing you for such an option saves you from the unwanted product.

Check for branding sign

There will be a hallmark in every product of the respective brand and thus, legitimate jewelry carries their hallmark to ensure you about the brand and authenticity.

Metal test for authenticity

There are following steps to test the concerned product and the physical test is the vital test for judging the piece:

  • The skin tests: spot cheap jewelry online, if the color gets fade after use
  • The fog tests: breathe hot air over the diamond to see it retain heat or not, as real stone does not fog up.
  • The magnet tests: silver and gold will not stick to a magnet, but fake materials do

You need to consider when debating over whether to go for ‘authentic gold’ or platinum jewelry, gold plated or cheap jewelry Melbourne or sterling silver jewelry. If you have a constricted budget, you can buy costume jewelry as per the occasion, and it is always great to use because of their reasonable prices; whereas, solid gold jewelry or fine jewelry do need caution but great for investment.