Hi, my site is about my 2 interests “promoting and China”. In my site, you can locate another point of view about: extravagance, tourism, nourishment and drinks, design, web in China …

promoting chine.com: there are around 2000 guests for each day at normal, It positions first on the web journal list about “China”, and in the Top 10 on the rundown of top web journals about “Showcasing”.

my English site pulls in these days 1 500 guests for each day, and gives our perusers content in the same style, yet more for individuals who are intriguing in the China market and the advertising arrangements.

Yingxiao-daren.com: it is our new “Child”, our Chinese site means to give data about Marketing for Chinese individuals and help them Market their items in Occident

You have as of late begun an organization giving Digital administrations, as SEO on Baidu what are the principle contrasts amongst Baidu and Google as far as SEO?

Yes, I’ve established an office, taking into account the information about Chinese web and how it can help outside organizations to create themselves… And we give administrations, for example, SEO to Baidu and SEM, e-notoriety, group administration, PR…

Crevice amongst Google and Baidu is essentially tremendous… It is not the same estimation and state of mind…

Here are a few contrasts between SEO on Baidu and Google:

Baidu just perceives Chinese sites

Your site must be facilitated in China; else you will confront an unsteady positioning

Baidu blue pencils a considerable measure of watchwords, and teams up intimately with Chinese government, so some words you need to maintain a strategic distance from, for example, obscene substance too

Baidu has his own particular sites like Baidu Zhidao (Q&A), Baidu Tieba (gathering), Baidu Baike (like Wikipedia) and dependably puts them first in the rankings, so it is critical to be available on these sites

Substance will be distinctive: Baidu likes the redundancy of watchwords

Baidu loves enormous sites with numerous pages yet a level structure. On Google, if a little site has unique substance, it can likewise be positioned entirely high, not on Baidu

Overhaul on Baidu is critical

More distinction between Baidu and Google here.

Might you be able to give us a few case of French organizations working with china that you assisted with their seo?

I will give you 2 cases:

We get Top rank on Baidu with the catchphrases France extravagance travel, Italy extravagance travel or Europe Luxury Travel. With this Top position, our client can simply get qualified citations every week. These days, the principle turnover of this voyaging organization originates from Internet, and it is more gainful in light of the fact that the office bargains specifically with the client and stay away from the Chinese accomplices cost, which can represents around half of the aggregate travel charges.

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