Research has shown that the most influential reason for productivity issues in adults is due to lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can raise countless medical concerns for anyone. A good night’s sleep is essential, however, some people face difficulty in enjoying a peaceful slumber.

Besides medical reasons, there are other psychological and environmental factors that can help reduce symptoms of Insomnia. Interior design and décor also play its part in helping you sleep.

Paint Your Room Peaceful

Colors have the power to control your emotions. Psychology suggests that certain colors influence different moods and feelings of a person. Painting your house is suitable colors can greatly influence your mental and physical health.

According to color psychology at Best Essay Help UK, dark and vibrant colors can cause anxiety, nervousness, and restlessness. That is why a bedroom should be painted with light and muted colors. Most preferable color for the bedroom is blue. Blue represents serenity and peacefulness; it helps release stress, lower blood pressure and eases heart rate. Look for more muted and light tones of blue color like; sky blue, pastel blue, powder blue and muted turquoise.

Neutral and earth tones such as variant shades of white, grey and brown are also advantageous choice to cope up with sleeping difficulties. Neutral shades create a kind of stillness that a person requires for a good sleep after a day of rush and tiredness.

Drape Warm Fabrics

Bedrooms are never complete without fabrics. Silky, flowing and intricate fabrics might look appealing and captivating to the eyes, but they also capture your sleep. Textured and heavy fabrics that block natural lights and sounds are preferable for bedroom design. They invoke a feeling of warmth, security, and peacefulness.

However, warm, smooth and soft bed covers are essential for your comfort during the night. The fleece blankets or airy comforters are they definitions of warmth and coziness. The combination of appropriate and preferable fabrics can prove to be miraculously effective for a good sleep.

Clear the Clutter

A room packed with furniture, gadgets and unnecessary stuff is a nightmare, hence it prevents your peaceful sleep. A stacked up, cluttered and messy room, similar to dark and vivid colors, can cause anxiety and restlessness. If you imagine yourself in a large and light colored space, it only evokes serenity rather than a dark red colored space with bulky furniture.

To deal with insomnia, create a larger space in the room by eliminating excessive furniture. Try to incorporate smaller and compact furniture with light colors to support the illusion of larger space.

Gadgets and entertainment sources such as TV, computers and video games, belong in the living room where you are actually trying to live but bedrooms are for sleeping, therefore, only bed and sleeping essentials belong there. However, reading (from books) can help you drift off to sleep easily unlike TV or computers which transmits light right onto your eyes and keeps you awake for longer periods of time. Also, remove your laundry baskets, Wi-Fi routers or anything that might distract you in your sleep from your bedroom.

Bring Nature near You

Like Blue color, green also represents serenity and peace due to its soothing and healing characteristics. Especially, when it is found in nature. Many people might not prefer to pain their room green but most people like greenery in their houses. Bringing greenery into your bedroom can help you feel closer to nature which ultimately helps you feel peaceful and soothed from insomnia.

Drift-off to sleep

It is decided then, you have to let go of clutter, electronic gadgets, and bulky furniture. Rather, you must integrate light colored walls, textured but light colored fabrics and elements of nature into your room to get a peaceful sleep every single night and be more productive every single day.