If you’ve spent any time researching places to find outsourcers online you’ve probably come across Linkedin.com.  LinkedIn operates as a platform to match up outsourced service providers with people in need of their services and also promotes Web Design Company in regard of taking projects or offer jobs.  LinkedIn is a professional social platform where people can not only communicate with each other but also get their dream jobs. Many employers and employees seek each other for helping and sorting out problems. LinkedIn has over 100 categories that you can choose from when submitting outsourced tasks and campaigns or offer almost every type of job.

The way it works is as an employer you submit your job description and specs.  Outsourcers in the category you specified then read your project description and can contact you on the task.  You receive their messages or comments, visit their profile select them if you think they are capable of performing your task and can then respond through messaging system, or take the conversation to your personal email or call.  Once you have reached an agreement with a provider you can have them submit an invoice or escrow for the service, along with delivery dates that coincide with payment being released.

LinkedIn, The Best Way To Find Outsourcing Company

The big upside of LinkedIn is that you can receive proposals from a number of sources.  Freelance individuals as well as companies will respond to your projects and you can get a good idea of the going rate for the service you need.

A good method to interact with members is to join groups relevant to your profession. This is a very powerful tool. By joining a group, you can take part in conversations, ask questions, get advice or opinions. The key is not to sell but to add value and build your authority within your industry or profession. As you become more known, you will probably find people approaching you rather than you being the one to approach them.

Another way is to look at your connections to check out who they are linked to. If they know someone you know, you could approach your contact directly and ask them to introduce you. If they are satisfied with your service, and know like and trust you they will be more than happy to recommend you to their contact.